Academic Year Program

The Academic Year Program for ARC Students

The ARC primarily provides continuing assistance to ARC students, but also assists other students who are referred to the ARC program as needing its assistance during the school year. The ARC also offers to the general student body a series of study skills workshops, legal analysis workshops, and individual counseling session during the academic year, the Academic Resource Center provides assistance for each first year course. ARC hires one TA for each first year professor, preferably a former student of that professor, to help the ARC students continue to develop their study and analytical skills as well as understand course doctrine and also the professor’s teaching style.

Each week ARC students attend two-hour substantive workshops that emphasize doctrinal understanding, outlining and analysis. The TA provides an overall organizational structure for the course and reviews in detail the areas that the students covered over the preceding month. Students write rules and policy and analyze hypothetical problems. Finally, the students organize the information into an examination checklist or flow chart. In addition to these study-sessions, ARC students take one practice exam and attend one examination review.

The Academic Year Program for General Population Students

Since the beginning of the ARC program, the director has taught a series of study-strategy workshops for first year students. The program has expanded and been formalized into a weekly one-hour session for each section. This program includes a series of study-strategy workshops, reflection circles, and other programs. This is specifically designed to assist first-year students in making the transition into law school and the legal profession.