Competitions: Latest News and Results

In-House Competitions:

The ADR Board administers the following ABA Law Student Division competitions in Negotiation, Client Counseling, and Representation in Mediation by organizing in-house competitions in the fall and spring of each academic year. The competitions provide simulation which allows students to conduct mock client interviews; as well as learning to represent clients and solve disputes through negotiation or mediation. In addition to this experience, students receive valuable feedback from local practitioners, acting as judges of the competition, which allows them to further develop their skills.

As noted in the Seattle University School of Law Student Handbook, 1L's are only permitted to compete in one in-house competition per year. Accordingly, 1L's must choose only one competition from amongst the three ADR hosted competitions and the Moot Court Board's 1L Administrative Law Mock Trial.

Regional Competitions

The first and second place teams of the in-house competitions qualify to represent Seattle University in the ABA Regional competitions. The competitors work with Alternative Dispute Resolution Board and a faculty coach to prepare to compete in these regional competitions. The Alternative Dispute Resolution Board also works to prepare the team for the national competition, should they advance. Participants who participate in the training for an ABA Regional competition may qualify to earn one (1) hour of ungraded academic credit upon certification by the faculty advisor that the participant has satisfactorily performed the duties of team membership.


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