Fall 2015 Class Assignments

Class assignments are listed alphabetically by course name. All will be posted as received. If you do not see the assignments you are looking for, check TWEN, your professor's personal homepage or return to this web page to check again later.

Business Entities A (BUSN-300-A)

Professor Powell

  • Register for this course on WestLaw’s TWEN when you receive your WL password.
  • Textbook: Business Entities: Cases and Materials (3rd Ed.) by Professor Eric Chiappinelli.
  • Read Chapters 1 and 2 in Chiappinelli's textbook.

Latinos and the Law A (JURS-380-A)

Professor Bender

Tuesday August 25

  • Overview of Latina/o Stereotypes and Mistreatment of Latina/os in U.S. Law Greasers and Gringos
  • Read preface and pages 1-29 Hernandez v. Texas, 347 U.S. 475 (1954)

Real Estate Transactions E (PROP-300-E)

Professor Bender

  • First Assignment
  • Class 1 Tuesday August 25
    • Introduction: The Nature of Modern Real Estate Transactions pages 1-13
  • Class 2 Thursday August 27
    • Overview of Lawyer’s Role in Real Estate Conveyancing and Broker Competition 17- 37; Douglas v. Visser, 295 P.3d 800 (Wash. App. 2013)

Torts B (TORT-100-B)

Professor Ainsworth

  • Text: Henderson, Pearson, and Kyser, The Torts Process (8th ed.)
  • In your textbook, read the Overview of the legal profession and the legal process p. 1-9: and The elements of battery: p. 9-19.
  • Read How to Prepare for Torts Class found on TWEN in Course Materials.

Torts E (TORT-100-E)

Professor Gonzalez

  • Register for this course on WestLaw’s TWEN when you receive your WL password.
  • Text: Henderson, Pearson & Kysar, The Torts Process (8th ed.)
  • Please read pages 1-30. Brief the assigned cases in accordance with the briefing format for this course.