Lawyering Simulation Courses

In simulation courses, students engage in structured role-plays designed to provide lawyering challenges that mirror the demands of practice.

Litigation Courses

Appellate Litigation Seminar: Labor and Employment Law (EMPL-375) 2 credits
Comprehensive Pretrial Advocacy (ADVC-300) 4 credits
Comprehensive Trial Advocacy (ADVC-305) 4 credits
Criminal Motions Practice (CRIM-340) 3 credits
Essential Lawyering Skills: Persuasive Communication, Interviewing and Descriptions (ADVC-500) 1 credit
Forensics (ADVC-325) 3 credits
Patent Litigation Lab (INTP-306) 1 credit

Client Counseling and Dispute Resolution Courses

Business Dispute Resolution Simulation (BUSN-403) 3 credits
Client Counseling and Negotiation (ALDR-301) 3 credits
Estate Planning (ESTA-305) 3 credits
General Counsel: Lawyering within an Organization (LPRC-325) 2 credits
International Arbitration Practice (INTL-377) 2 credits
Labor and Employment Dispute Resolution (EMPL-335) 3 credits
Mediation, Mediation Advocacy and Collaborative Law (ALDR-302) 3 credits

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