Client Counseling Competition

About the Competition

The Client Counseling Competition is structured to simulate an initial client interview. Teams of two students, acting as attorneys, meet a perspective client for the first time and discuss with the client the client’s concerns. The students work to gather enough information and uncover enough relevant facts to determine the client’s legal issues. Competitors are critiqued on their communication skills, their ability to analyze the client's problem, and their ability to work well together in accomplishing their goals.

This competition does not require in-depth knowledge of the substantive law and is open to all students. It offers students their first exposure to client advocacy in a "real world" setting. Practitioners act as judges and provide instant feedback to the participants.

Being a Mock Client for the Competition

The Client Counseling Competition is made possible by students who volunteer to act as mock clients during the competition. Mock clients are provided background information on the competition problem and get to act out how they think a real client would act. Student volunteers get the opportunity to experience the competition without having to compete. Volunteering as a mock client is great for 1L students, because it is a great experience and does not count as competing for school requirements.

Those students interested in becoming a mock client should check the upcoming events page for the date of the Client Counseling Competition and contact the VP of In-House Competitions for information on volunteering.

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