Judging Competitions

Attorneys and Certified Mediators

The competitions held at Seattle University depend on the active participation of attorneys and certified mediators in the Puget Sound community. Without community volunteers our competitions would not be a success. Volunteers not only judge the competitions, but also give feedback to competitors and help the competitors learn and sharpen their skills. Mediators are especially important during the spring Mediation Competition, where the certified mediator will act as the mediator between two competing teams.

Competitions are typically held on a Friday evening and last 3 to 4 hours, during which judges have the opportunity to observe and critique Dispute Resolution competitors. Judges are provided all necessary information and the materials provided to the competitors prior to the start of the competition. No particularized knowledge on a specific area of law is required to participate as a judge. Judges typically serve on a three-person panel, providing an opportunity to interact with peers from the legal community.

The Dispute Resolution Board also works with the Washington State Bar Association to provide CLE credit for volunteers. One hour of CLE credit is typically earned during a competition, depending on the length of competition and the availability of the attorney during the competition.

For additional information or if you are interested in volunteering your time please contact the Dispute Resolution Board either by phone (206) 398-4166; by e-mail DR_Board@Seattleu.edu; or contact our Vice-President of Communications.

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