Representation in Mediation Competition

About the Competition

A team of two students, one as an attorney and one as a client, simulate a meeting in a mediation setting with another team. The two teams work with the help of a professional mediator to resolve the issues between the clients on each team. Teammates work together to learn relevant legal facts from the opposing team and to attempt to reach an agreement in the best interest of the client. Professional mediators facilitate the discussion between the teams to work towards an agreeable solution. This competition gives students the opportunity to experience client advocacy, both as the attorney and as the client, in a format that is growing more prevalent in the legal community. Competitors are critiqued on their communication skills, their ability to analyze both clients’ problems, and their ability to work well together in accomplishing their goals.

This competition does not require in-depth knowledge of the substantive law and is open to all students. It offers students their first exposure to mediation in a "real world" setting. Practitioners act as judges and provide instant feedback to the participants. A practitioner also acts as the mediator in the competition.