Membership in the Alternative Dispute Resolution Board

How to become a member of the ADR Board

Membership on the ADR Board is determined by current Board members and is based on written statements of interest, resumes, and interviews of candidates. The Board selects new members each year during fall and spring semesters. (Check our up-coming events page for information on future membership drives)

First year law students are eligible to apply during either the fall or spring semester membership drives. Second year law students are only eligible to apply during the fall semester membership drive. Part-time or joint-degree students must have at least three semesters of law school remaining, excluding the semester they apply.

Questions about becoming a member of the Alternative Dispute Resolution Board should be directed to the Vice-President of Membership or e-mail


Executive Board

Claire Mcnamara, President
Catherine Connell, Vice President of Membership
Avin Singh, Vice President of In-House Competitions
Jayme Turla & Logan Bryant, Vice President of Regional Competitions
John Butler, Vice President of Community Development
Riley Benge, Vice President of Communications
Miryana Gerassimova & McKenzie Holden, Treasurer

General Members

  • Juju Al-Dhaher
  • Lindsay Appleton
  • Kaha Arte
  • Nicole Barnhart
  • Cameron Buhl
  • Brett Carnahan
  • Kate Cummings
  • Rachel Emens
  • Lisa Finkral
  • Bonnie Fong
  • Stephanie Gai
  • Daniel Glenn
  • Jacqueline Hackler
  • Troy Hatfield
  • Samantha Hinckley
  • Rob Lehman
  • Amber Louis
  • Katherine Shipman
  • Avin Singh
  • Max Sitcov
  • Srikanth Naidu
  • Violetta Stringer
  • Intisar Surur
  • Dru Swaim
  • Sebastian Toth
  • Lindsey Ward
  • Sung Woo Choi