Extern David Faber '12 with extern supervisor, Landesa's Global Center for Women's Land Rights

Externship Program

Seattle University School of Law recognizes that experiential learning is an important component of a law student’s legal training. The externship program’s goal is to provide externs with a rewarding, well-supervised experience in judicial chambers or a practice setting that will ease their transition into practicing law, will instill professionalism, and will increase awareness of social justice concepts. A faculty supervisor and site supervisor guide each extern, providing insight and context for interns.

Students who are researching possible externship placements should review the Externship FAQ sheet, complete the Externship Application Form and visit the Externship Sponsors Database for comprehensive information about applying for an externship. Within the database, you will find a list of all sponsoring agencies, externship application instructions and much more.

All students interested in pursuing an externship are asked to schedule a time to meet with the Externship Faculty. Appointment sign-up sheets are available on TWEN by adding a course entitled "Appointments with Externship Faculty." Please note that once you have made an appointment we request you submit a copy of your resume and unofficial transcript to externships@seattleu.edu.

Updated 11/25


  • The Law School is closed December 24 - January 1; there will be no applications submitted during this time.

  • The required Intensive Seminar is on Friday, January 16 - Save the date!

  • For Spring Semester the seminar schedule is: Judicial on Mondays 6-7:15pm; Criminal on Tuesdays 4-5:15pm; Civil on Thursdays 4-5:15pm; In-house/Government on Thursdays 4-5:15pm; International and Legislative TBD.

Appointments with Externship Faculty available on TWEN
For those signing up for an appointment for the first time, please register for the TWEN Course "Appointments with Externship Faculty" and select "Sign-up Sheets" on the left side of the page to access appointments with Prof. Dutton and Prof. Ford. PLEASE NOTE: November appointments are open to 2L and 3L students seeking Spring 2014 externships.

Apply for Spring Semester externships now! Below is a list of sites still accepting applications:


King County Superior Court - Judge Chun (new site, check with Externship Office)
King County Superior Court - Judge Shaffer
King County Superior Court - Judge Williams (new site, check with Externship Office)
Pierce County Superior Court - Commissioner Kiesel
US District Court - Judge Zilly
WA State Court of Appeals Div II - Judge Lisa Sutton - NEW Site
WA State Court of Appeals Div II - Judge Lisa Worswick
WA State Supreme Court - Justice Owens

King County Prosecuting Attorney's Office - Community Partnerships (New Site)
King County Prosecuting Attorney's Office​ - Special Assault Unit, Sex Trafficking (2 positions available)
Society of Counsel Representing Accused Persons (SCRAP)
The Defender Association
Tulalip Tribe Prosecuting Attorney's Office

Administrative Office of the Courts/Office of Guardianship and Elder Services
American Civil Liberties Union of Washington
Bellevue Police Department - New Site, check with Externship Office
City of Seattle Mayor's Office - New Site, check with Externship Office
Eastside Legal Assistance Program
Employment Security Department - Olympia
International Tribune for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY)
International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR)
King County Bar Association - Housing Justice Project, Family LawPro Bono Programs and Volunteer Legal Services
Legal Advocates for Indian Country
Northwest Immigrant Rights Project - Tacoma
Northwest Justice Project - Benefits Unit
Northwest Justice Project - Housing Justice Project
Northwest Justice Project - Laurel Rubin in Yakima
Office of Insurance Commissioner (Olympia, New Site - check with Externship Office)

Edifecs (New In-House Counsel Site, check with Externship Office)
Seattle University - University Counsel

It's time to start planning for Summer 2015!

We will begin submitting applications for Summer Semester on Monday, December 1. We will continue submitting applications through February 27 and if you apply during this time we can assure that you will find a placement for summer. After the priority deadline we will continue to submit applications until sites are full, but cannot guarantee placement in your preferred sites.

Sites with early deadlines:

King County Prosecutor's 1L Program - Deadline 1/9
Landesa - Deadline 3/6
Pierce County Prosecutors - Deadline 3/1
Snohomish County Prosecutor's - Deadline 3/1
Starbucks - Deadline 2/17
US Coast Guard - Deadline 1/31
US Department of Education - applications reviewed in February
US District Court - Judge Coughenour - Accepting 1L and 2L application - Deadline 1/23
US District Court - Judge Donohue
US District Court - Judge Pechman - Deadline 1/2

Contact the Externship Program

School of Law Annex
1215 E. Columbia
Seattle, WA 98122-4340

Gillian Dutton
Externship Director
Phone: 206.398.4010
E-mail: duttong@seattleu.edu

Elizabeth Ford
Externship Associate Director
Phone: 206.398.4172
E-mail: forde@seattleu.edu

Jonathan LeBlanc
Externship Program Assistant
Phone: 206.398.4128
E-mail: leblancj@seattleu.edu

Ryan Chindavong
Externship Program Assistant
Phone: 206.398.4006
E-mail: chindavr@seattleu.edu

2015 Priority Application Dates*:

Spring 2015
Begins: Tuesday, September 2, 2014
DEADLINE: Friday, October 17, 2014

For Summer 2015
Begins: Monday, December 1, 2014
DEADLINE: Friday, February 27, 2015

For Fall 2015
Begins: Monday, March 2, 2015
DEADLINE: Friday, May 29, 2015

Out of State and International Externships - Ongoing

*Applications may still be submitted after the deadline, although there is no guarantee of availability of externships. Please contact the Externship Program if you are planning a fulltime judicial externship - application dates may be earlier for certain sites.