AILJ - Spring 2014

Cover art by Terrance Guardipee

Cover Art: The Spirit of Justice, Terrance Guardipee

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Tribal Family Law Clients: A Practitioner’s Guide to Best Serve Your Client in Child Support Proceedings Jerry Ford
I’ll Take the Benefits If You Pay the Costs: Weighing the Equities of Public and Private Funding Sources for Hydroelectric Dam Decommissioning Dominique R. Scalia
August 2012 – August 2013 Case Law on American Indians Thomas P. Schlosser
The Continued Protection of Indian Children and Families After ADOPTIVE COUPLE v. BABY GIRL: What the Case Means and How to Respond Jack Trope & Adrian T. Smith
A Legal Practitioners Guide to Indian and Tribal Law Research Kelly Kunsch
Tribal Trustees in Climate Crisis Mary Christina Wood
“Give Them a Dam Break!” Protecting the Ngäbe Buglé Community of Panama with Clean Development Mechanism Safeguards to Promote Culturally Sensitive Development Cindy Campbell
A Voice in the Storm: Tribal Consultation in the Wake of the Sandy Recovery Improvement Act of 2013 Elizabeth S. Leemon
Preservation Over Profits: The Conflicting Interest of Hickory Ground and Exploring Options for Preserving the Sacred Parcel Ashley Ray
Respecting the “Guardians of Nature:” Chile’s Violations of the Diaguita Indigenous People’ Environmental and Human Rights and the Need to Enforce Obligations to Obtain Free, Prior, and Informed Consent Cynthia Vel

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