About the Clinic

Our rankings

U.S. News ranks the Ronald A. Peterson Law Clinic in the top 20 nationwide. PreLaw Magazine called our Incarcerated Parents Clinic on of the 15 most innovative in the country.

Clinic faculty

The combined experience of the full-time faculty teaching in the Clinic spans subject matter, practice settings, and even continents. They have worked in legal services and public defense offices as well as private law firms. They have taught in other law schools around the country and worked in important public and non-profit sector positions around the world. The Clinic also provides students the choice of courses taught by adjunct faculty in the areas of their current practice.

Clinic students

In a typical semester, more than 60 students enroll in clinical courses. Some clinical courses are open to second-year students. Enrollment in others is restricted to third-year students by the governing court rule.

Clinical Method

Faculty play a supportive and facilitative role in the clinic, but students assume primary responsibility for the work done. Students conduct interviews, prepare documents, examine witnesses and address judges, opposing counsel, and other decision makers. This combination of responsibility and support is the hallmark of the clinic experience.

Clinic courses include a classroom component in which students engage in discussions and simulated lawyering activities based on the type of work they are or will be doing for their clients. The seminars build confidence and provide a forum for experimentation, skill development and interactive reflection.