Law Clinic Students Say...

"We all realized, early on, that we could make a difference in somebody’s life."

Andre Dayani '13

"It was the first time that I realized, as a student, that the work we were doing actually mattered and that we weren't writing these memos in a vacuum, that this was going to benefit someone’s case. … It really motivated me to do a stellar job for this client, and to work really hard."

Alexis De La Cruz '13

"There was always something to do for my client, but it was work that I wanted to do. Knowing that you're helping a real person, it just matters more. … I learned so much about myself. Being someone's attorney has more to do with being a counselor than I realized. Your relationship with your client, and how you conduct that relationship, is so important. That should be a required class in law school."

Christina Wynter '15

"I didn't take a clinic until my last semester but I really wish I had done it sooner because it was far and away the most rewarding aspect of law school. The experience of actually helping a real person whose rights had been trampled in his homeland was so powerful, it made my other classes seem trivial in comparison. I was in the Human Rights Clinic and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in that area."

Garrett Oppenheim, '09

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