Law Clinic Students Say...

"I didn't take a clinic until my last semester but I really wish I had done it sooner because it was far and away the most rewarding aspect of law school. The experience of actually helping a real person whose rights had been trampled in his homeland was so powerful, it made my other classes seem trivial in comparison. I was in the Human Rights Clinic and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in that area."

Garrett Oppenheim, '09

"Representing a client who survived domestic violence in court was one of the most rewarding moments of my entire life. I felt like everything I ever learned in other law school classes was really about being able to represent my client, and it was worth it. Taking the Clinic taught me how to investigate and obtain documents important to my case, how to file legal documents, and how to prepare for a hearing. The most valuable experience was having a court-seasoned professor and my classmates listen to my argument and help me craft it in the most powerful way possible, so that a Commissioner would understand how important the matter was to my client and why the Court needed to help. I went into my hearing with confidence, and I felt the power of my words resonate. I knew that what happened in that courtroom was justice, and I felt honored to be a part of it."

Charlotte Grist '09

"As I begin representing my first client through the KCBA’s Family Law Mentor Program, I feel far better prepared with the skills I learned and the practice I had in the Youth Advocacy Clinic."

Julia R. Jackson '04

It was very rewarding to help take a client from having an idea on paper to running an actual business entity. It felt really good to have the chance to finally apply what I’d learned in some of my other courses.

Kris Yoshizawa '08
(Community Development and Entrepreneurship Clinic)

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