Registration Information for Fall 2011 Clinic Courses

Clinic Courses to be Letter-Graded

This spring, the faculty decided that all Clinic Courses except for the Arts Legal Clinic will be letter-graded for all of their credits. This change recognizes the value and challenge of the effort that these courses have always demanded of students.

Two New Clinics in the Spring

The Domestic Violence Clinic and the Mental Health Court Clinic offer students two new forms of advocacy opportunities. Each clinic will be offered for the first time in the Spring 2010 semester. Interested students should review the information about the courses so that they complete the prerequisites.

Required reading for all students interested in clinics

All students considering enrolling in any clinic course must read the Rules and Regulations page on the Clinic website and the Policy on Conflicts related to Outside Employment.

Clinic faculty are glad to answer any questions about their courses

Students with questions about any specific clinic course are encouraged to contact the faculty teaching that course. Students with general questions about the Clinic should contact Professor Brodoff (, the Clinic Director.