Study Facilities

UCIIIM Sports Facilities

All students are entitled to access to the four libraries that the University has in its three locations (Getafe, Leganés and Colmenarejo). In Getafe, the Law Library is located - at (English version) -. Students can access library premises and use electronic and paper-based resources there available.

The Law Library offer carrels, study tables and study rooms (that can be reserved for teamwork).

Students can use copier machines located in the library as well as copying services provided by Copying and Printing services in several buildings.

Students can also use Computer Labs for research and study purposes. Students can print from Computer labs sending their works to be printed to the Copying and Printing services.

Free wifi is available all over the Campus: University network and Eduroam.

The Law School has classrooms of different size, capacity and structure according to the needed purposes: auditorium for open lectures, small rooms for seminars, rooms with moveable furniture for workshops, etc.

All classrooms are fully equipped with modern technical facilities: available internet, computer, projector and so on in each classroom.  Students can also use their own laptops in the classrooms with free internet access.

The Law School has a Court Room for practical exercises and Moot (with original furniture bequeathed by Spanish Courts).

For further information, please visit (available English version).