Grading, Transfer Credit and Transcripts


Unless otherwise noted, summer classes are letter-graded. In Summer 2014 Bankruptcy, Evidence and Professional Responsibility will be subject to the grade curve. See Grading for more information on Seattle University School of Law's grading and curve policies.

Grade Deadlines

Thursday, August 28, 2014 is the deadline for Summer 2014 professors to submit their grades. Grades are posted one to three business days after receipt. If your school has a grade deadline earlier than September 5, 2014 please contact us. While we cannot guarantee early grades, we can often work with your professors to ensure that you receive grades by your school's deadline.

Credit Hours

Seattle University School of Law runs on the semester system. A semester unit of credit represents 700 minutes of instruction. To convert semester credits to quarter credits, multiply the semester credits by 1.5.

Transfer of Credit

To ensure that your credit will transfer you must comply with your home school's transfer credit policies. Your home school determines student eligibility, transfer credit limits, course transfer eligibility and minimum grade requirements. It is the student's responsibility to make sure that they comply with their home school's policies.


Your home school will require a transcript of your summer grades to grant transfer credit. See Request Transcripts for more information. Typically, grades in transferred courses will not appear on your home school transcript but Seattle University School of Law will retain records of your enrollment and grades and you may request a transcript from us at any time.

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