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Listed herein are the names, telephone numbers, legal interests, undergraduate schools and in most cases, e-mail addresses of current students of Seattle University School of Law (see expected graduation year to the right of each name). These individuals have volunteered to serve as resources to you and other admitted students by answering your questions about law school in general, the Seattle University experience in particular, and career opportunities for Seattle University students.

If you call a student and must leave a message, please indicate that you are a student admitted to Seattle University School of Law and wish to ask some questions regarding the Law School at his or her convenience. Make sure to leave your telephone number and a convenient time to be reached.

Some admitted students may have a specific interest in contacting our students of color (*) or students of part time evening program (**). To facilitate this effort, we have made it possible to search on the information.

Please check this Web site on a regular basis for the most up to date information. If you have questions or need help, please e-mail Whitney Earles at

Enjoy. We hope you find this to be a useful tool.

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