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Important Notes

Tuition deposit reminder

Remember that your $250 advance tuition deposit to ensure your place in the entering class is due at the law school by the deadline stated in your admit letter. The tuition deposit is non-refundable. Should you enroll at Seattle University, the $250 deposit will be applied to your first semester’s tuition. A second deposit of $150 will be required by July 1 for students beginning fall semester.

Spring Visit Day

This popular event, which is held in May and attracts students from around the country, features mock classes, informal get-togethers with current students, a faculty forum, workshops on everything from effective study techniques to mastering the financial aid maze and much, much more!

Dates to remember

Students planning to join our community as members of the entering class will want to remember these important dates: Financial aid applications are due March 1, or as soon thereafter as possible. Persons wishing to start law school by taking a single class this summer should circle the date of Monday, June 23, the first day of the summer term. Those planning on fall enrollment are advised that classes begin Thursday, Aug. 21, 2014.


All entering students are required to have laptop computers. For specifications, please refer to our website. More information will follow in a future mailing.

Notice to students with disabilities

In compliance with the Americans With Disabilities Act, the Seattle University School of Law provides reasonable accommodations for disabled students, including those with learning disabilities and those with health impairments. Appropriate accommodations are determined on a case-by-case basis, and full documentation of the disability is required. For more information, contact Associate Dean Donna Claxton Deming at 206-398-4307.

Notice to students with a conviction

Each Bar Association has a character or ethics section as part of its certification. Your criminal record could prevent you from sitting for the Bar examination — even if you have received a J.D. degree from an ABA-accredited law school. Only the Bar Association in each individual state can advise you regarding your conviction and its impact on your ability to sit for the Bar exam. We advise you to contact them directly. You may wish to do so prior to your law school matriculation rather than waiting until graduation.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this matter, please feel free to call Associate Dean Donna Claxton Deming at (206) 398.4307 or e-mail at

Official transcript a must

Please arrange for your undergraduate institution to send us a copy of your official, final undergraduate transcript, which notes the degree received and the date it was awarded. Sorry, but the transcripts mailed to the Law School Data Assembly Service do not meet this American Bar Association requirement.


If you currently have health insurance coverage, we recommend that you retain your present policy. In the event you do need health and accident insurance, you are eligible to participate in a Seattle University plan designed especially for law students. More information on the Seattle University program and the Washington State Basic Health insurance program can be found at the these links:

Identification cards (SU ID Card)

All students are required to have a Seattle University identification card. This card provides students with a convenient form of identification that allows access to a variety of university systems and services. Times are arranged during the first week of class to get your Seattle University identification card. For more information regarding the Seattle University identification card please see the Campus Card Web site.

Campus parking

Upon arrival for the new semester, all students planning to park their vehicles on campus should check with the Office of Safety and Security (University Center 102). There are no reserved parking spaces on the Seattle University campus. All students have equal access to lots and garages owned by the University. The 2011-2012 rate for unrestricted parking was $280per semester. Rates for evening students and carpoolers are $144 and $134 respectively, per semester.


Carpools generally can be organized during many of our spring events or within the first week of the semester, so don’t worry about making the commute alone! Carpools and vanpools can also be arranged by contacting Seattle Metro Transit at 1-(800) 325-6165.

Public transportation

As in any major city, traffic in Seattle can be a headache. To encourage the use of public transportation, Seattle University provides a 25% subsidy toward the cost of a monthly bus pass in King and Pierce County. Many students find it a convenient and affordable way to get around. Arrangements for bus passes can be made in the University Controller’s Office (University Center, Room 105).

Call on us!

A number of currently enrolled law students have offered their services to answer questions you may have about our school, life as a 1L, the job market for soon-to-be lawyers, and more. Keep a running list of questions you’d like to ask and have them handy when a student representative calls.

Come visit us

We would be happy to arrange for you to tour our building, sit in on a class or meet with a member of our Admission or Financial Aid Staff. Please call (206) 398-4200 or 1-(800) 471.1767 one week prior to the date you would like to visit.

Let us hear from you

Call or e-mail anytime, for any reason. All area codes are 206. Key phone numbers:

Admission 398.4200
Alumni Affairs 398.4300
Dean’s Office 398.4300
Library 398.4220
Professional Development 398.4100
Student Financial Services 398.4250
Students Activities 398.4328
Technology 398.4178

Character and fitness

In addition to testing legal knowledge and skills, each bar association also evaluates an applicant's character and fitness to be licensed to enter the profession. The disclosures requested by bar associations for licensing may include financial difficulties (such as bankruptcy you've experienced), mental, drug, or alcohol abuse issues, as well as arrests (even if they do not result in convictions), criminal convictions of any type, and school disciplinary matters. Only the Bar Association in each individual state can advise you regarding applicable character, fitness and other qualifications for admission to that Bar. We strongly advise you to contact each state bar association in any state in which you intend to practice to inquire as to the character and fitness and other requirements for licensing in that state. It is imperative that you do so prior to your law school matriculation rather than waiting until graduation. Any questions or concerns regarding this matter can be directed to Associate Dean Donna Claxton Deming at (206) 398-4307.

Computer requirement

The School of Law requires that all students have immediate and ongoing access to a computer that has the ability to connect to the internet. Students are required to have a laptop computer. Find the latest product specifications here.

Fall class assignments

Many professors require substantial advance preparation for the first day of class. To find out your first day class assignments, regularly check the School of Law website after Aug. 15. Information is posted daily as it becomes available. Seattle University School of Law is fully accredited by the American Bar Association and holds full membership in the Association of American Law Schools.

Continuing obligation to inform

Please be aware it is important to update the office of admission if you have faced additional criminal or misdemeanor charges or convictions since your offer of admission. It is your continuing obligation to inform the Seattle University School of Law of any changes. Failure to report this information can impact your ability to sit for the bar examination.