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Transfer/Visiting Students

Transfer Students

Seattle University School of Law is a "transfer-friendly" law school. Students who have completed at least one full year of study at a law school accredited by the American Bar Association may apply for admission to the School of Law.  Transfer applicants to Seattle University School of Law will find:

  • Opportunity to apply for admission beginning in January, after the completion of one semester of law school studies
  • Individualized assistance with curricular planning
  • Opportunity to apply to all Seattle University School of Law journals
  • A fall orientation held just for transfer and visiting students

 Students applying to transfer to Seattle University School of Law must have on file all items required of first-year students (see Application Process). In addition to these materials, candidates must submit:

  1. An official law school transcript that covers the entire period of attendance at the law school where you were previously enrolled.
  2. A letter from the dean of that law school certifying that you are in good standing and eligible to return to study. This must cover the entire period of attendance and based on no less than completion of the first year.
  3. A class rank covering the entire period of attendance and based on no less than completion of the first year.
  4. A copy of the front page of the CAS (Credential Assembly Service) report on file at your current institution, sent directly by your law school registrar. If your institution will not provide this, you will need to ensure your subscription with CAS is current so we can order a complete report.
  5. Applications after March 1 must be downloaded from our website and sent via mail. Once we receive your application, we can request information from LSAC.

To assist prospective transfer students with their planning, the law school Admission Committee can make a conditional decision as early as January of the candidate’s first year of law study if he or she provides the requested information above and official law school transcript showing graded work at least through the first term. Most successful mid-year transfer applicants rank in the top third of their first year law school class

Criteria for admission with advanced standing are rigorous. In evaluating transfer applications, three factors are considered: whether the candidate met the initial admission criteria, the applicant's performance in law school and the reason the applicant wants to transfer. Primary among the criteria is the applicant’s performance in law school. Most successful transfer applicants rank in the top half of their first year law school class (the requirements are more rigorous for selected schools.) Please contact the Office of Admission for Admission for additional questions or concerns.

Prospective transfer students should also note the following requirements:

  • Only first-year law course work (30 credits maximum) is accepted for the purpose of granting advanced standing. A grade of C or better is required for transfer of credit to be granted. Credit is not granted for courses taken on a pass/fail basis. Grades for courses taken at other law schools will not be included in the computation of the law school grade point average.
  • Students academically ineligible to continue at the law school last attended may not transfer to Seattle University School of Law.
  • Transfer applicants who have applied to Seattle University School of Law within the past two years should contact the Admission Office to determine what application materials have been kept on file; these may not need to be resubmitted.

For answers to questions about admission, please contact

Visiting Students

Seattle University welcomes visiting students in good standing from any ABA-accredited law school who wish to complete a portion of their legal education at the School of Law. If you are such a candidate, use the application for admission on the website and contact our Admission Office for additional details.

Admission as a visiting student entitles one to enroll in courses on a space-available basis.