"The Part-Time Program is filled with many students who are working professionals, starting a second career, or returning to school after raising children. This professional diversity offered an array of perspectives that led to lively classroom discussion. There is something to be said for real-life experience."

Tammy White '10
Prosecuting attorney, Kent, Washington

Enrollment Options

Seattle University School of Law lets you choose the program that's right for you. In addition to our full-time program, we offer the state's only Part-Time Program for working professionals. You can choose to start your studies in the summer or fall  and can take classes during the day or in the evening. Accelerate your education by taking classes year-round and earn your degree in two-and-a-half years.

Also, as apart of our holistic admission process, our Access Admission Program is available to students who don't meet traditional admission criteria but show great promise.

Part-Time Program

Part-Time Evening Program

The evening only program is designed for students with employment or personal obligations during the day, and is the only such program in Washington State. Law school commences in the summer with a single course. The course load over the fall and spring terms is three classes each semester for a total of 17 or 19 credits. Classes convene at 6 p.m., Monday, Wednesday and Thursday in the first year.

Part-Time Day Program

This program commences in the summer with a single course. The course load over the fall and spring terms is four classes for a total of 22 credits. The final first-year course is completed the second summer. Classes convene between 8:30 a.m. and 4 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Accelerated Program

Because we offer classes year-round, you can choose to reduce your time in law school by attending full-time through the academic year and taking summer courses.

Access Admission

A small group of students is admitted each year through this wholly discretionary admission process because the law school has long recognized that traditional admission criteria are, in some cases, inadequate predictors of success in law school. Individuals considered for the Access Admission Program are members of historically disadvantaged, underrepresented, or physically challenged groups, and/or students whose capabilities may not be accurately reflected in GPAs and LSAT scores.

Applications for this program must be COMPLETE by February 1.Admission is highly competitive. For each candidate admitted, at least 10 others are denied. Enrollment is limited to 10 percent of the class.

Students begin in June, taking a substantive first-year course and participating in intensive writing seminars and sessions on exam taking and study skills. Under the auspices of our Academic Resource Center, a faculty supervisor, legal writing faculty, and other support staff offer guidance for these students during the summer and throughout law school.

Full-Time Summer Entry

All entering students may choose to "start early" by completing a single Criminal Law class in the summer, thereby reducing their fall course load. Two options are available: one meets in the early evening and the other two in the afternoon, Monday through Thursday. Summer term is six weeks.

Taking a six-week summer course will help you transition to law school and lighten your fall course load. The cost is the same, and in fact spreads tuition out over 12 months instead of 9. Classes offered at convenient times for those who have summer jobs. If you're new to Seattle, summer's a perfect time to get to know this beautiful city.

In addition to reducing your class load, you have the opportunity to lay a solid foundation for your legal studies. The Academic Resource Center (ARC) supports students in developing critical legal skills and knowledge for success in the first year of law school and beyond. During weekly criminal law labs, students work collaboratively to develop skills to acquire background knowledge, read and interpret legal text, articulate and synthesize rules and policy, and engage in effective legal analysis. The labs are facilitated by teaching assistants, who work collaboratively with faculty to create positive learning communities in which students actively engage with course-related content. To complement the labs, ARC staff facilitate weekly workshops that focus on general skills development. By the end of the summer, students not only gain the ability to understand the law and apply it, but they also know how to generalize those learned skills to the courses in the fall.

Full-Time Fall Entry

Students who begin studies in the fall take 15 credits in the fall term and 15 credits in the spring term to complete their first-year legal studies over the traditional nine-month period. Classes convene between the hours of 8 a.m. and 6 p.m., Monday through Friday.