Corporate Intern Program

A Message to Our Colleagues in Corporate Law Departments

Thank you for visiting the Seattle University School of Law Web site. Today's law students want real-world experience. Coincidentally, the demands on in-house counsel are expanding, while their FTE budgets are static or shrinking. There is a very practical solution: A part-time student intern can help in-house counsel get the work done in a timely way, at an extremely reasonable cost.

At Seattle University School of Law, we are committed to helping you hire a part-time intern. A law student may work up to 20 hours per week, and may even be work-study eligible (you get reimbursed for up to 65% of their wages). Our students have terrific research, writing and analytical skills, and a keen desire to put them to use. You, as in-house counsel, have some of the best work around town. We would love to see our students get practical experience with you.

Yukio Morikubo, General Counsel of, has described the employment of student interns as "hugely rewarding." That was also my experience at Safeco where law students completed multi-state research projects and built compliance templates. Interns at other corporate law departments review vendor contracts and interact directly with business employees. They prepare training materials, write memos, review SEC filings and perform legal audits. In private companies like Xeriton Corporation and large companies like Getty Images, student interns do important work and free more experienced lawyers for higher level work. I have yet to meet an executive who did not see how much sense it made to hire law students.

School year interns aren't expecting permanent employment. They want to work hard and get experience, and they need funds to pay their tuition. We understand that most in-house departments do not have a regular hiring program, so we are committed to making this an easy process for you.

Please contact me if I may answer questions or help in any way with the hiring process. I can assure you, you will enjoy working with a law student.

Colleen Butler
Associate Director, Center for Professional Development

To begin, please review the 5-step hiring process.

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