Why SU Law?

About our School

SU Law is a practice-based law school that combines the teaching of traditional legal doctrine with the development of effective, hands-on practice skills. In addition to a wide range of academic basic and not-so-basic courses, our curriculum also includes a renowned legal writing program, several real-client clinics, and an active externship program. SU Law offers two joint degree programs, J.D./M.B.A. and J.D./Master's in International Business. Additional information about our curriculum may be found below.

SU Law is also proud to sponsor the Access to Justice Institute, which grows out of our core mission to prepare our students for a lifetime of service to justice. ATJI works with the Access to Justice community and organizes and oversees SU Law student volunteers who help fulfill the need for legal services for the poor, the vulnerable, and the historically underserved. More information about ATJI may be found on their Web site.

Our students are exceptionally computer-savvy. They're required to have laptops to take advantage of the school's state of the art computer technology and wireless network. Our faculty also makes extensive use of online resources, resulting in students who use time and technology effectively to do research and solve problems.

About our Students

SU Law has both full-time day and part-time evening students. Many of our students have significant professional experience in business, government, the sciences, and social services, and a substantial number hold advanced degrees. We are particularly proud of the diversity of our student body: approximately 20% of the student population are students of color, and a significant number are first-generation immigrants.

Our academic year comprises two semesters: fall semester usually begins the last week of August, with final exam period ending in mid-December. Spring semester usually begins the second week in January, with classes ending at the beginning of May and final exam period ending in mid-May. Classes during the summer term are held only in the evenings.

About our Grading

SU Law has rigorous academic standards, and our grading curve is stricter than most. Please read the details of our grading policies and explanations of academic honors.

About our Curriculum

All SU Law students are required to take the following first year classes:

  • Civil Procedure
  • Contracts
  • Criminal Law
  • Legal Writing I
  • Property
  • Torts

There are also several required upper-division courses:

  • Constitutional Law
  • Evidence
  • Legal Writing II
  • Professional Responsibility

SU Law's renowned writing program comprises Legal Writing I, a year of basic research and development of objective writing skills such as drafting memoranda and client letters, and Legal Writing II, an additional semester of advanced research and development of persuasive writing skills, including a memorandum in support of a motion and an attendant appellate brief. Legal Writing II also includes two oral arguments.

SU Law has always emphasized the development of practical skills to accompany the study of traditional legal doctrine. We have a lively clinical program in which supervised students combine legal theory with hands-on, real world practice and represent real clients with real issues. SU Law offers clinics in law practice (juvenile defense and special education), administrative law, bankruptcy, immigration law, intellectual property/artists, not for profit organizations, professional responsibility, and trusts and estates. More information about our clinical program may be found on their Web site.

We also have a very active externship program in which students earn credits by working in a court or in a law-related organization under the close supervision of a judge or an attorney. Read more information about our externship program.

Please contact us at lawcareers@seattleu.edu or at (206) 398.4100 if you have questions or would like additional information about our school or our students.

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