Work Study

State Work Study is a form of financial aid that allows a student to work part-time in her or his field of study and that reimburses an employer up to 65% of a student's wages. Both private and public employers are eligible for work study reimbursement. For a State Work Study Employer Packet and more information about the program, please contact Student Financial Services.

Hiring a State Work Study student is similar to all other hiring, with a couple of additional steps. First, to become eligible for reimbursement, an employer must sign a contract with the state. The employer then posts a job announcement with the school and proceeds with reviewing applications and interviewing. For law students, the jobs must be related to legal work. Although under ABA rules a full-time student is allowed to work up to 20 hours, a State Work Study employer only receives reimbursement for a maximum of 19 hours per week when a student is enrolled half-time or more. For more details on allowable hours during summer, term breaks and the academic year, please contact Student Financial Services. To post a position, please login to Symplicity.

The other additional step is verifying that the student candidates are eligible to receive State Work Study funds. State Work Study eligibility is determined as part of a student's annual financial aid package. We recommend that you ask students to bring a copy of their award letter to the interview. The award letter will verify that the student is eligible and will also state the amount of the award and the dates of eligibility.

If you have any questions about the State Work Study Program, please contact Student Financial Services at or at 206.398.4250.