Molly Lindquist

Molly LindquistFamily Law Unit, Northwest Justice Project

Seattle, Wash.

Molly Lindquist is a Rule 9 Legal Intern in the Family Law Unit at Northwest Justice Project (NJP). NJP provides free civil legal assistance and representation to low-income people and communities throughout Washington.

July 1, 2013

I am working in the Family Law Unit at Northwest Justice Project. This unit provides much needed legal services to low-income individuals in King County who are survivors of domestic violence. Often our clients have language barriers and so we work with interpreters quite often. This has been a challenging yet rewarding experience so far.

Things here at NJP have been very busy. Starting on my first day I jumped right into a case that my supervising attorney was preparing for trial. This dissolution is the largest and most complex case she has worked on in more than 15 years at NJP. Since not many dissolutions go to trial — let alone a two week trial — I feel extremely lucky to be able to participate, but also nervous. I'm working amongst people who have over a decade of experience, but there are issues coming up in this case that even they have never experienced before. I'm hoping to just be able to keep up!

Once the trial begins I will have an opportunity to take testimony of witnesses. The opposing counsel is somewhat of a bully, and I have my reservations about my first time in court being with someone like that. However, I know this is a fantastic opportunity that I should not let pass me by. I guess my next journal entry will reveal my decision and what happened at trial.

Regardless of what happens at trial, my summer at NJP so far has been a great experience. The entire unit is not only knowledgeable and dedicated to their clients, they are committed to giving their interns a fantastic summer. I am constantly learning new things and being put in positions that allow me to grow. From my first day, where I was drafting motions and diving head-first into trial preparation, NJP has put my education first. I'm constantly learning and developing my own style along the way. Needless to say, I’m very much looking forward to the rest of my summer.

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