Beyond the Traditional

Use Your Law Degree to Find the Career That's Right for You

People go to law school for a variety of reasons. They may want to serve the public and make a difference in society. They may seek financial security. Many may not be sure if practicing law is their vocation, but they hope to spend their work life doing interesting and challenging work. Many want a degree that seems adaptable to a variety of industries and vocations.

Some lawyers will go to law firms and organizations and help clients with transactions and litigation, business concerns and personal problems. Others will prosecute or defend those accused of crimes and play essential roles upholding our system of justice. Many will demonstrate their passion for justice by helping those who are least able to help themselves.

As a law student, you will see law firms, prosecutors, public defender offices and public interest organizations participate actively in On Campus Interview and Job Fair programs. They do this because they know they will have a continuing need for entry level lawyers. Those jobs are not necessarily easy to get, but they are visible to law students. Sometimes it seems that these are the only jobs. What do you do if that isn't the kind of work you want to do? What if your passions lie elsewhere?

The answer? Find the job that's right for you. It's out there. It may take work to find it, but it will be worth it.

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