Hiring Programs & Job Fairs

On Campus Interviews

OCI is a CPD program for centralized application and interviewing, primarily focused on 2L summer jobs with large local employers.

Federal Honors Program

More than 100 fall, spring and summer internships and permanent positions are available with a variety of agencies within the federal government through the Federal Honors Program.

Presidential Management Fellows Program

The Presidential Management Fellows Program is the premier program for leadership development in the Federal civil service providing two-year, fully-paid, Federal Government fellowships.

1L Diversity Program

A number of local firms sponsor 1L Minority/Diversity summer programs as part of their diversity efforts.

Job Fairs

Northwest Public Service Career Fair

SU Law is one of 11 schools that participate in the Pacific Northwest Public Interest Job Fair. The fair is held in Seattle, WA and in Portland, OR. More information, including a list of participating employers, is available at the Lewis and Clark Web site.

Seattle University School of Law Solo, Small, and Mid-Sized Firm Information, Networking, and Career Fair

Each year, the the Center for Professional Development will hosts a career fair geared toward a job search with smaller and mid-sized firms. During the fair, employers will meet with students to discuss their practices and how to effectively develop opportunities within the profession. The fair provides a unique opportunity to connect with members of the bar in a casual setting and develop relationships with attorneys practicing in a diverse variety of specialties. Information and registration will be availabile on Symplicity.

Beyond the Traditional Fair

Each year, the Center for Professional Development hosts the  Beyond the Traditional Fair. Employers working in a variety of industries where the JD degree is highly valued will be available to share how they developed their career. Potential participants include people doing risk management, regulatory analysts, policy analysts, legal publishing, HR for major corporations, Federal Agents, as well as many others. If you are considering a career outside the traditional practice of law, then the fair is not to be missed. Students can sign up to participate in Symplicity.

Equal Justice Works Public Service Career Fair

The Equal Justice Works annual Conference and Career Fair is the largest national public interest legal career fair in the country.  More than 1,200 students from 165 law schools attend for two days of interviews, workshops, networking and other career opportunities.  Public interest employers conduct interviews for internship and full-time positions and meet with students in informal “table talk” settings to discuss public interest legal opportunities.  See www.equaljusticeworks.org for more information and come see us in CPD about attendance.

National Black Law Students Association National Job Fair

Sponsor: NBLSA. NLBSA will host seven regional job fairs across the country in August and September. For complete information, visit the NBLSA website.

Lavendar Law Conference

Sponsors: The National Lesbian and Gay Law Association.  For more information, please visit http://www.lgbtbar.org/annual/.

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