On Campus Interviews


On-Campus Interviews (OCI) occur mostly in the fall, although there are a few in the spring. During OCI, employers will conduct screening interviews in Sullivan Hall and callback interviews in their offices. The positions available through OCI are for the summer following the interviews. The 2014 Fall interviews will start on Monday, August 25. The Session 1 application deadline will be on August 11,  the Session 2 application deadline will be on August 18, and the Session 3 application deadline will be on August 25.

Employers who participate in OCI hire almost exclusively through the OCI process, so if you want to work for one of them, you must go through OCI. However, the majority of legal employers do not participate in OCI, and hire through other channels. CPD is here to help you identify non-OCI employers whose work may be of interest to you, and to develop job application materials and job search strategies.

Employers participating in OCI will be listed by Session in the OCI section of Symplicity beginning July 1, as well as on the Symplicity calendar on the date on which they will conduct interviews. Please log into Symplicity to review the participating firms, as well as their requested application materials and hiring criteria.  The application period will begin on July 28.

Employers are individuals, just as law students are individuals; you must research each employer to determine which ones are better potential fits with your education, experiences, aptitudes, and interests. Statistical information on the participating firms can be found on the NALP website. Other sources for researching employers may be found on the "interviews" section of the Center for Professional Development Web site.


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