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Please complete the following fields below in order to submit your pro bono or volunteer activity. The eligible hours you record will count toward your overall pledge goal by graduation, as well as toward your yearly target goal. Please note the following as you create your entry:

  • Please only report activity that has already been completed – we cannot process future planned activity.
  • If you select "Other" as an option, please include any relevant details in the comment field below.
  • Please try to submit activity over a certain time period only once. If you are uncertain whether you have already submitted certain activities or hours, please contact the Access to Justice Institute at the information listed below.
  • If your activity was internal (e.g., through a clinic, externship, or student organization), please list the clinic/student org./etc. in the Organization field and note the external organization assisted or volunteered with in the comment box below. Please list your faculty advisor as the supervisor or, if none, you may list your student organization's leader.

For additional information, please visit the Pro Bono Pledge Program pages. For questions, please visit the FAQs posted here or contact the Access to Justice Institute at 206.398.4173 or by e-mail at

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