Seattle University Youth Initiative

The School of Law has joined with our larger university community to participate in the Seattle University Youth Initiative, a long-term commitment by Seattle University faculty, staff, and students from all disciplines to join with parents, the Seattle School District, the City of Seattle, foundations, faith communities and more than 30 community organizations to help children of our immediate neighborhood succeed in school and life. Click here for more information on the Youth Initiative.

The Access to Justice Institute developed the King County Guide to Legal Clinics and Hotlines to help low income people in the Seattle University Youth Initiative neighborhood access legal services. The guide contains information about advice legal clinics organized by populations they serve as well as different areas of law. The guide is translated into Amharic, Somali, and Vietnamese. Click here to access the guide.

How can I get involved with SUYI?

Volunteer for one of the programs listed below:

  • Seattle Youth Traffic Court: Seattle Youth Traffic Court is a diversion process in which youth from Garfield High School sentence their peers who have received actual traffic tickets in Seattle. Law students oversee the administration of the Youth Court (in partnership with the Seattle Municipal Court) and mentor the high school students who act as judge, jury, prosecutor and defense attorney. Click here (insert link to youth court webpage) for more information. 
  • Juvenile Justice Project: The student organization, Street Youth Legal Advocates of Washington, in collaboration with Access to Justice Institute run a monthly know-your-legal-rights series for the girls in the King County Juvenile Detention Center. Each month, combinations of law students and local attorneys engage with the girls in detention to help them understand their legal rights. For more information, contact ATJI Associate Director Jennifer Werdell at
  • SYLAW Juvenile Record Sealing Clinic - The Juvenile Record Sealing Project is a collaborative project between TeamChild, University of Washington and Seattle University law schools, Street Youth Legal Advocates of Washington (SYLAW), Society of Counsel Representing Accused Persons (SCRAP), and Northwest Justice Project (NJP). Law students work with legal aid and pro bono attorneys to assist people with getting their juvenile records sealed. For more information, please click here [link to Student-Initiated PB Page] or contact Shelby Adsero at