Pro Bono Pledge Program

Seattle University School of Law and the Access to Justice Institute (ATJI) are committed to preparing its graduates for a lifetime in law at the service of justice. In furtherance of our mission and aligned with the American Bar Association's and Washington State Bar Association's goals for professional attorneys, the Pro Bono Pledge Program is designed to encourage law students to build their legal and leadership skills in service to the community.

We invite all law students to pledge to complete at least 100 hours* of legal pro bono and community volunteer work before they graduate.  

The Pro Bono Pledge helps connect students with interested opportunities while also helping the law school recognize and support those students who are engaged in the community. The program is voluntary, but those students who meet their pledge goals are recognized for their contributions at the end of each school year and at graduation.

*Part-time students may complete 50 hours.

Our deepest thanks and congratulations to the 274 students who took the Pro Bono Pledge this year! In 2014-15 alone, students reported over 16,200 hours of legal pro bono and community volunteer activity. A list of graduating students recognized as Pro Bono Pledge Awardees can be found here.

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Please note that The Access to Justice Institute is not a direct legal services provider. If you are working with someone who is need of an attorney, please visit or call 2-1-1 if you are inside of King County. If you are outside of King County, call Coordinated Legal Educational Advice Referral (CLEAR) at 1-888-201-1014.





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