Leadership Opportunities


Seattle University School of Law offers two Scholars for Justice Scholarships each year, which allows students who have proven their dedication to public interest to earn their degrees without incurring the debt that is often an obstacle in choosing such a career. These scholars make a commitment to devote much of their careers to public interest law or to donate to the law school's scholarship fund an amount at least equal to the scholarship should their career path change. The Access to Justice Institute supports these Scholars in their career paths toward public interest by facilitating mentorship, networking opportunities, and leadership development programming throughout their time at the School of Law. 

Student Organizations = Student Leadership Opportunities

The Access to Justice Institute works closely with student organizations that facilitate pro bono work or community service projects. ATJI provides strategic planning support, troubleshooting assistance, and guidance in identifying community needs and partners in order to ensure that student organizations are having the most impact possible. Some examples include the Public Interest Law Foundation, the Iraqi Refugee Assistance Project, the Incarcerated Mothers Advocacy Project, and SU Streat Youth Legal Advocates of Washington.

Racial Justice Leadership Institute

Racial Justice Leadership Institute is part of the Lawyering in a Diverse World series. RJLI offers an opportunity for students to learn common tools and language for addressing and resisting systems of privilege and oppression.

Post-Graduate Fellowships

Since 2009, Seattle University School of Law has offered Social Justice Post-Graduate Fellowships to SU law graduates, providing opportunities for new lawyers to work shoulder-to-shoulder with underserved and disadvantaged populations, or in other endeavors that promote social justice. Click here to learn more about the Leadership for Justice Fellowship and other post-graduate fellowship opportunities.

Leadership in the Equal Justice Community

The Washington State Access to Justice (ATJ) Board, established by Washington Supreme Court Order in 1994 to achieve equal access to the civil justice system for those facing economic and other significant barriers, offers leadership opportunities for law students. The ATJ Board accomplishes much of its work through its many committees which invite law student members. Committees include the Justice without Barriers Committee, the Leadership and Nominating Committee, and Technology Committee. If you are interested in getting involved, please contact atji@seattleu.edu.

The Washington State Bar Association (WSBA) offers a variety of leadership opportunities for students. Law students are welcome to join any of the Washington Young Lawyers Division's committees which include the Public Service/Pro Bono Committee. Law students can also get involved with other WSBA committees, boards, task forces and sections.

Nationally, students can get involved by serving on boards like the Equal Justice Works National Advisory Committee. The National Advisory Committee provides a way to guide and advance the organization's goal of having students develop a lifelong commitment to working on behalf of underrepresented individuals, communities and causes. 

Amy Pritchard '09, and Stacey Lara, Center for Professional Development