6th Annual Berle Symposium - Blair & Stout and Beyond

June 23 & 24, 2014
The Berle Center
Seattle University School of Law
Seattle, WA

Symposium Schedule

Our next symposium- Berle VI -will take as its starting point Margaret Blair's and  Lynn Stout's  provocative work on the intersection of transaction cost economics and the theory of the firm.  Central to that body of work is the attached Virginia Law Review article, A Team Production Theory of Corporate Law, Virginia Law Review, Vol. 85, No. 2, pp. 248-328, March 1999.  Each participant will be asked to reflect back on that scholarship as they see fit, and use it as a common starting point.  Participants are free to build on, or respond to, Blair and Stout's inspiration in any way they choose, and as their passion dictates.  Blair and Stout will each write separately, reflecting back on the Virginia law review article, and then writing "forward" as their separate passions dictate.  The live symposium promises to be a highly interactive event.   The papers will be published as the Sixth Berle Symposium by the Seattle Law Review.  This is shaping up as a classic symposium, with the potential for impact and long-lasting influence similar to the famous Columbia Law School symposium of nearly 25 ago - Contractual Freedom in Corporate Law.

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Current Authors:

Lynn Stout

Margaret Blair

Kelly Alces

Adam Badawi

Robert Bartlett

Ryan Bubb

Anthony Casey

Brian Cheffins

Thomas Clarke

Todd Henderson

Virginia Harper Ho

Ron Harris

Robert Jackson

Ronit Donyets-Kedar

Marc Moore

Anthony Niblett

Chuck O'Kelley

Elizabeth Pollman

Andres Sawicki

Urska Velikonja


Diane Lourdes Dick

Jill Fisch

Zack Gubler

Oliver Hart

Claire Hill

Anita Krug

Justin O'Brien

Sean O'Connor

Frank Partnoy

Russell Powell

Usha Rodrigues

Nicola Sharpe

Anne Tucker 

A special thank you for making the work of the Berle Center possible goes to our Sustaining Donors — Microsoft and Perkins Coie.

Sustaining Donors

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