2012-2013 Fellows

Yasmin A. ChristopherYasmin A. Christopher

"Experiencing the dynamic of working on relevant and real legal issues through the Global Justice Practicum has inspired and helped me to prepare me for the work I hope to do in the future. It has been both engaging and rewarding to work with community organizations and re-examine the narratives that persist to reenforce barriers to achieving social justice. It is through this work that we, as future legal professionals, are able to examine the impact that laws have on disproportionately unrepresented and marginalized groups within our society. This is often the piece missing from the law school experience and I am excited to be a part of its inception for future students!"

Whitney Sparrow L. KnoxWhitney Sparrow L. Knox

"The opportunity to study and analyze policy which is directly affecting our community has been immensely rewarding. As a Global Justice Fellow, not only have I gained skills in legal writing and communication with clients and teammates, i've also had the chance to apply doctrines which i've studied in the classroom to recently enacted policy and legislation which has devastating effects on the community. Being able to connect classroom work with real issues, rather than hypotheticals, has been among the more exciting opportunities in my law school career. Additionally, the fellowship has expanded my understanding of social justice lawyering."

Lizamarie MohammedLizamarie Mohammed

"The Global Justice Practicum was a great experience. I learned a lot being able to work hands on with clients and conducting legal research on constitutional issues that specific populations of people are facing today. Our Seattle-based team addressed legal questions for an LA-based client which contributed to the diversity of the client relationship and helped us sharpen our interpersonal skills in making sure the client was satisfied with our work and our level of communication about the project. Each group had very different projects and I am very excited to see the end results to our efforts this semester."

Alison PastorAlison Pastor

"My involvement with clinics and Global Justice Practicum at Seattle U has been the pinnacle of my law school experience. The clinics and the Global Justice Practicum have provided me with a total immersion into areas of law in which I am particularly passionate and have thus been especially personally and academically enriching."

Holly ScottHolly Scott

"Working as a fellow at the Center for Global Justice is unlike any other experiental learning opportunity. Not only has it been an opportunity to work directly and independently with a client organization, but addressing issues of such tremendous scope has been both humbling and rewarding. I feel so much more prepared and confident to go out into the world to tackle other big issues of global justice."

Alison WrightAlison Wright

"Participating in the Global Justice practicum was a rewarding and unique opportunity to put some of the skills I've been developing in law school into action. Helping an organization apply for Consultative Status at the UN not only was an excellent hands-on experience in "client" communication, collaborative teamwork, and project management; it also was a great way to learn about an important facet of the UN and of civil society participation in international law/relations. Most important, the chance to help an exceptional organization and to get to enjoy a sense of contributing to their work has been very fulfilling."

Details from "Triumvirate," by William Morris Robinson