Indian Wills Clinic

The Indian Wills Clinic began in 2006 in an effort to determine if it would be a viable model for providing estate planning services to individuals and to determine if there was interest on the part of law students in this kind of clinical work. Four student positions were allocated to the Indian Wills Clinic from the positions available under the general wills clinic. In the initial year, four students applied for those positions. Thereafter, there has been a waiting list of students for these positions, clearly establishing that there is a significant student interest in the Indian Wills Clinic. At the same time, two Indian clients have been served each semester with the students working in teams of two.

The Indian Wills Clinic provides a viable means of delivering estate planning services to Indian people. It is hoped that it will be expanded and established as a full clinical program and that this model can be carried to other law schools with active clinical programs to provide estate planning services to Indian people at no cost.