Korematsu Center

Other Projects

Society continues to struggle toward the goal of racial justice. Many of our projects at the Korematsu Center aim to further that effort. We've explored the ongoing class and labor issues that remain after slavery, and the influence of racial discrimination in the criminal justice system. And in Arizona, we've defended students' rights to Mexican American Studies. Read more here.

Deanship Workshop

Promoting Diversity in Law School Leadership Workshop. This workshop is suggested not only for those considering deaning, but also for those who are planning an upcoming dean search and for those who work closely with the dean, including associate deans. 

Civil Right to Counsel Initiative

The Civil Right to Counsel Initiative is a joint project of Fred T. Korematsu Center for Law & Equality at Seattle University School of Law and the Committee for Indigent Representation and Civil Legal Equality (CIRCLE) at the Northwest Justice Project focused specifically on the civil right to counsel for low income individuals as part of the much broader access to justice framework. 

Honorary Degree Project

15 Japanese Americans whose educations at SU were disrupted by their unjust removal in 1942 during World War II. To contribute to the healing from this injustice, the Seattle University Board of Trustees granted Yamauchi and the other former students honorary bachelor degrees at the undergraduate commencement ceremony 

Intergroup Book Project

The Intergroup Conflict and Cooperation Project will engage scholars from different disciplines in the discussion of "Intergroup Conflict and Cooperation 

Post-Graduate Fellowships

The Korematsu Center has offered several different post-graduate fellowships. Read about some of our past fellows here. 

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