Working Group 2: Community Engagement

This working group's tasks are to (1)  engage in community outreach efforts to ensure that we are listening to and involving interested/affected communities; (2) bring together the interested parties involved in the criminal justice system; and (3) plan private dialogue and public events on race and the criminal justice system.


     Lisa Apsay (Filipino Lawyers of Washington)

     Lieutenant Carmen Best (Seattle Police Department)

     Eric Holte (Defender Initiative, SU Law)

     The Honorable Don Horowitz

     Fé Lopez  (Latina/o Bar Association of Washington)

     Sandy Restropo (SU Law)

     Norma Rodriguez (Latina/o Bar Association of Washington)

     Andy Sachs (QLaw)

     Damon Shadid (Middle Eastern Legal Association of Washington)

     Diana Singleton (Access to Justice Institute, SU Law)

     Raymond Swenson (Asian Bar Association of Washington)

     Jamila Taylor (Loren Miller Bar Association)

     Captain Ron Wilson (Seattle Police Department)

Students in the School of Law Annex