Fourth Annual Conference on Public Defense on March 7, 2014

Sullivan Hall, Room C5
Lunch at the 2nd Floor Gallery

7.25 CLE credits


Here is the conference agenda.

The Defender Initiative will hold its Fourth Annual Conference on Public Defense March 7, 2014 at Seattle University School of Law.  Many defenders and assigned counsel are wondering what the next steps will be in the implementation of the new Supreme Court certification rule on standards. This Conference will answer those questions and include discussion of the study of case weighting of misdemeanor cases.

The conference also will address the implications of the Saintcalle decision on race bias in jury selection. That panel will include Justice Charles Wiggins, who wrote the lead opinion, Professor and former public defender Anna Roberts, the lawyer who argued Saintcalle, Lila Silverstein, and Jeff Robinson, veteran criminal defense attorney.  

Another panel will discuss how defenders can effectively address their clients' civil legal issues both before and after sentencing.   Members of the team that won the Wilbur case in Federal Court against two Washington cities because of systemic failure to provide effective representation will discuss implications of that decision.   The lunch time keynote speaker will be Seattle University School of Law Professor and former public defender Janet Ainsworth discussing how defenders can prevent wrongful convictions caused by false confessions.

The final panel of the day will address "New Directions in Policing to Reduce Racial Disparities in Enforcement" and will feature Seattle Police Assistant Chief Jim Pugel, Reverend Harriett Walden of Mothers for Police Accountability, and Lisa Daugaard, Interim Deputy Public Defender for King County.

This conference is co-sponsored by The Washington Defender Association.

School of Law Annex classroom