Media Coverage of the Initiative & Publications and Presentations by the Director

The Minor Crimes, Massive Waste, report was featured on John Oliver’s Last week Tonight September 13, 2015:
John Oliver on Misdemeanors

Professor Boruchowitz was quoted in an article about the King County Prosecutor withdrawing his request for the death penalty in a particular case: "Prosecutors won't seek death penalty for Michele Anderson", Seattle Times, July 29, 2015

Professor Boruchowitz testified at the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on Protecting the Constitutional Right to Counsel for Indigents Charged with Misdemeanors.

“A New Conservative Approach to Justice: Serve the Poor”, Marshall Project, May 12, 2015

“Bipartisan support in Washington for reform of misdemeanor courts” Augusta Chronicle, May 13, 2015.

"Pay system hampers legal representation for indigent defendants", Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, May 1, 2015.

Coverage of Study of Cost of Death Penalty

SU Study Assesses Costs of Seeking Death Penalty”, King County Bar Bulletin, March 2015.

Professor Boruchowitz was quoted in the story Study: Washington death penalty cases cost extra $1 million by KING 5, published January 20, 2015, and in the Seattle Times article, Seeking death penalty adds $1M to prosecution cost, study says, January 7, 2015.

The report was discussed in a Washington Post blog, “It’s just too expensive to execute people, says Kentucky lawmaker”, February 5, 2015.

Professor Boruchowitz was quoted in the article ACLU: Equal justice for poor remains unfulfilled in SC municipal courts published October 5, 2013.

Professor Boruchowitz was quoted in a July 1, 2013, Crosscut article: "King County:  Throwing its public defense baby out with the bathwater?"

In March, 2013, he published two articles: "The Right to a Lawyer", Louisville (KY) Courier Journal, March 17, 2013, and "50 years later, fulfilling right to counsel", Everett (WA) Herald, with Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson, March 18, 2013.

He wrote "50 Years after Gideon v. Wainwright...County Plan Would End Nonprofit Defender Program", in the February 2013 King County Bar Bulletin.

Professor Boruchowitz wrote an op-ed in the Seattle Times July 19, 2012, discussing the importance of the Washington Supreme Court's new rule requiring public defenders to certify that they meet standards, including caseload limits and experience requirements.

Professor Boruchowitz was quoted in an Associated Press story on excessive caseloads and the impact of the new Washington Supreme Court rule on standards.  "Limit on public-defenders' caseloads puts strain on cities."  June 25, 2012. 

Professor Boruchowitz was quoted in an article in the Cincinnati weekly City Beat, "Trampling Over the Sixth Amendment", November 9, 2011, about the low rate of appointments in Northern Kentucky courts. He was a guest on King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg's cable television show, "Prosecutor's Post," which is on Cable Channel 22.

Professor Boruchowitz was quoted on the issue of excessive defender caseloads in the Yakima Herald October 29, 2011: "Supreme Court rule would limit public defender caseloads, require more staff for city."    He also was quoted in a Seattle Times story, "Skagit County suit claims public defenders too busy to defend", June 20, 2011, about excessive caseloads.   

The National Public Radio station in Seattle, KUOW, quoted Professor Boruchowitz in a feature story on the problem of thousands of people being prosecuted for driving with a suspended license. "Nearly 300,000 Wash. Drivers Suspended For Failure To Pay Tickets, July 22, 2011." The story was picked up by the Associated Press and ran in a number of papers in Washington State.

Professor Boruchowitz was quoted in the San Jose Mercury News on December 29, 2009 article, "Santa Clara County Defendants Face Misdemeanor Hobson's Choice: Plead guilty or wait longer in jail."


In December, 2010, the American Constitution Society published an article by Professor Boruchowitz, Diverting and Reclassifying Misdemeanors Could Save $1 Billion per Year: Reducing the Need For and Cost of Appointed Counsel (American Constitution Society, 2010). This electronically published article is available nationally and received coverage in Mother Jones.  It also was cited in a letter to the Boston Globe. "EYE ON INDIGENT DEFENSE" by James Doyle, The Boston Globe February 10, 2011. It has been cited in four law review articles.

On June 5, 2010, Professor Boruchowitz'  article "Citizen's Voice: Public defenders underfunded in Tennessee" was published in

Professor Boruchowitz wrote a blog On Public Defenders and Excessive Caseloads on July 10, 2010 as a guest blogger for CrimProf Blog, a member of the Law Professor Blogs Network.

On October 27, 2010, the Tacoma News Tribune published an op-ed by Robert Boruchowitz and Neil Fox entitled, "HJR 4220 goes too far in response to tragic Lakewood police murders," criticizing proposed Washington constitutional amendment on bail as going too far.

Professor Boruchowitz contributed an article in the King County Bar Association March 2011 Bar Bulletin entitled, Defenders Spread Thin by Budget Crunch.  He wrote "The Defender Association Celebrates 40 Years," King County Bar Bulletin, September, 2009. He wrote "At 45, Gideon Right to Counsel Remains Elusive", March 2008, King County Bar Bulletin.

Professor Boruchowitz was Lead researcher and co-author of "Minor Crimes, Massive Waste: The Terrible Toll of America's Broken Misdemeanor Courts" (2009). The report received widespread media attention and was discussed in a Congressional hearing.

It was cited in an amicus brief in the Georgia Supreme Court.

He wrote "Enough is Enough! Defenders Act on Excessive Caseloads", 29 NLADA Cornerstone, Jan-Apr 2008, at 12,

He wrote "Lawyers for juveniles not automatic", Seattle Post Intelligencer, January 2, 2008, and "Right to Counsel Remains Threatened in Washington," Washington Bar News, February, 2007.