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Access to Justice Institute
901 12th Avenue, Sullivan Hall 115
Seattle, WA 98122-1090
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About ATJI

The Access to Justice Institute invites law students to meet with us anytime, particularly when:

  • You are looking to gain legal experience, build your leadership capacity, or hone your legal skills while also serving the community.
  • You have questions about pro bono or other opportunities, or you want other students to know about opportunities that are not currently listed.
  • You are looking for meaningful social justice or pro bono work and want help finding where to volunteer.
  • You or your student organization are planning a social justice project or event or want to directly connect your work with the community, and you want guidance on formulating a project plan, connecting with community partners, or other support to ensure success.
  • You need help with identifying specific people and organizations in the equal justice community to network with.

We also regularly talk with alumni, legal organizations, and community partners who are interested engaging with law students on pro bono or social justice projects. For more information, please visit our Engage with Law Students & Alumni page.

Interested in meeting with an ATJI staff member? SU law students can drop by our office on the first floor (Suite 115). Or, email/call us to make an appointment. You can email or contact staff members directly. Read profiles of the staff and find our contact information here.