Civility Skills:The Foundations of Civility (Seattle, WA)

March 11-12, 2016 | 14 CLE credits, including at least 4 ethics pending

Join us for a two-day CLE seminar on the foundations of civility in the legal profession co-sponsored by the non-profit Robert's Fund and Seattle University School of Law.

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Seattle University School of Law
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Civility in law practice benefits clients, practitioners, the profession, and the pursuit of justice. Furthermore, the costs of incivility extend beyond economics and time. Incivility impacts the mental and physical health of all who are involved in the system, and it impairs the pursuit of justice.  The Civility Promise: Foundations of Civility seminar provides an overview of the issues related to incivility, as well as strategies on how to effectively foster civility within our profession.  In this 2-day intensive seminar, we will strive to create a retreat-like seminar. Through a series of lectures from prominent practitioners and judges, interactive exercises, and group discussion, we will explore and discuss characteristics of civility, the costs of incivility, the benefits of civility, the foundations of civility, and strategies to foster civility. Participants will also have the opportunity to reflect on the ideals of our profession, revitalize their commitment to their practice, and address relevant areas in their personal and professional lives to enable them to foster civility in their practice and promote justice for their clients.


Friday, March 11

  9:00-10:00:    The characteristics of civility and why it matters to the profession

10:00-10:45:    The implications of civility for justice

10:45-11:00:    Break

11:00-11:45:    The costs of incivility

11:45-12:15:    The benefits of civility

12:15-  1:00:    Lunch

  1:00-  1:30:    Precursors to incivility

  1:30-  2:15:    The psychological precursors to incivility

  2:15-  2:30:    Break

  2:30-  4:45:    The foundations of civility                

  4:45-  5:30:    The foundations of civility applied


Saturday, March 12

  9:00-  9:15:    Reflections on civility

  9:15-10:00:    Structural precursors to incivility: Is it in the rules?

10:00-10:30:    The civility of effective advocacy

10:30-10:45:    Break

10:45-11:15:    The relationship between civility and zealous advocacy

11:15-12:15:    Challenges and strategies for fostering civility in our profession 

12:15-  1:00:    Lunch

1:00-  2:00:    Strategies to foster civility: Techniques for engaging in conversations about assumptions, difference, race, culture, and values

   2:00- 2:45:    Strategies to foster civility: Developing personal strategies  

   2:45- 3:00:    Break

   3:00- 4:30:    Strategies to foster civility: Developing interpersonal strategies

   4:30- 5:00:    Lessons learned about strategies to foster civility




Justice Mary E. Fairhurst, Washington State Supreme Court

Tim Jaasko-Fisher, J.D., Director of Programming and Curriculum, Robert's Fund

Paula Lustbader, J.D., Professor of Law; Seattle University School of Law and President, Robert's Fund

Craig Sims J.D., Chief, Criminal Division, Seattle City Attorney's Office


Early-bird registration fees*
General Registration $395
Employed by a Non-Profit or Govt. Entity $375
Seattle University Law School Alumni $355
Scholarship Recipient: See Application
SU Law Faculty, Staff or Student: Free

*Early-bird registration is available through March 4, 2016; thereafter add $50 to the fee.

Need based scholarship information
As part of our mission, Robert's Fund is pleased to offer a limited number of need-based fee-reduction scholarships for all CLE/CJE seminars. For this 2-day intensive seminar, we offer partial cost scholarships. Scholarship applications must be submitted by Wednesday, March 2, 2016.

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