Following is a chronological list of subjects presented in prior annual trainings.

1st National Academy

What Did Congress Have in Mind?
Pre-Hearing Procedures for an Effective Hearing
What Decision Makers Need to Know About IEPs
Basic Authority Concerning Process and Substance
How to Conduct an Efficient and Effective Hearing
Implications of Buckhannon
How to Make Sense of Educational and Psychological Tests
When Parents Aren't Represented by Counsel
Writing an Authoritative Decision

2nd National Academy

Advanced Hearing Procedures
Overview of Recent Judicial Decisions
Reviewing and Evaluating IEPs
Special Considerations of Cases Involving Autism and Other Low Incidence Disabilities
Determining What Is an “Appropriate” Education
General Issues and Procedures Concerning Discipline Cases
Understanding FBAs and BIPs
IDEA Update
When Parents Appear Pro Se or Are Represented by a Lay Advocate
ALJ and HO Authority: The Dispute Over Methodology

3rd National Academy

Overview of New Judicial Decisions
First Writing Session
What Courts Tell Us About Hearing Decisions
Managing Hearings
Role of Due Process Decision Makers
Factors to Consider In Assessing Expert Testimony
What You Need To Know About IEPs
Assessment of Autism Cases
Suggestions on Improving Your Research
Second Writing Session
IDEA Reauthorization and NCLB