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2011 Programs

Seminars from the 2011 calendar year, covering topics such as Wall Street reform, civil rights advocacy, and LGBT families.

2011 - Wall Street Reform Journey – Are Financial Bubbles Inevitable?

A 3-Year Retrospective Since the Bear Stearns Collapse: What Have We Learned?

Credits:  3.5 AV CLE
Length: 3:35:40

Featured Speakers:
Karl J. Ege, Joseph M. Vincent, Joseph C. Brown Jr., W.H. (Joe) Knight, Margaret (Mardi) Leslie, Joseph M. Vincent, and David Min

2011 - Advocacy Strategies for Protecting Civil Rights

Seattle University School of Law's Lawyering in a Diverse World Series and the Task Force on Race and the Criminal Justice System present "Advocacy Strategies for Protecting Civil Rights".

Credits:  2.50 AV CLE
Length: 2:43:42

Featured Speakers:
Robert S. Chang, M. Lorena González, Hon. Steven Z. González, Jennifer Shaw, and Colette Tvedt

2011 - Annual Supreme Court Watch: Hot Cases on the Docket for the 2011-12 Session

An overview of the 2011-2012 US Supreme Court Sessions, along with highlights of a range of cases.

Credits:  5.0 AV CLE
Length: 5:07:00

Featured Speakers:
Andrew Siegel, Rory O'Sullivan, Deborah Ahrens, Won Kidane, Evan Nordby, and Paul Lawrence

2011 - The State of LGBT Family in America

This presentation tackles a broad topic "The State of LGBT Family Law in America". The current state of this rapidly evolving area of the law is captured by succinctly by Julie Shapiro in this hour long webcast.

Credits:  0.75 AV CLE
Length: 53:50

Featured Speakers:
Professor Julie Shapiro

2011 - Brilliant Disguise - An Empirical Analysis of a Social Experiment Banning Affirmative Action

Affirmative action is no longer required, proponents assert, because society no longer judges people by their skin color. They argue that the need for affirmative action is a vestige of a bygone era, and such a policy only creates resentment and stigma. This presentation confronts the colorblind ideal myths of stigma and resentment, which appear at much greater rates in anti-affirmative action states.

Credits:  1.0 AV CLE
Length: 58:45

Featured Speakers:
Professor Deirdre Bowen JD, PhD