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Compiled by: Julie Larsen

April 2005

Jack Kirkwood has published his analysis of market power issues in network industries in a section entitled Market Power Handbook: Competition Law and Economic Foundations.

Joaquin Avila presented his paper “Prospects for the Future: The Continued Importance and Necessity of Section 5 to the Political Integration of Minority Communities” at the Yale University conference sponsored by the Center for the Study of American Politics. Papers from the conference, “Lessons from the Past, Prospects for the Future: Honoring the Voting Rights Act of 1965,” will be published in an edited volume.

Just Research by Laurel Currie Oates and Anne Enquist was just published by Aspen Law & Business. This is the fourth book Professors Oates and Enquist have published in the “Just” series. Just Research focuses on both electronic and print sources, with a strong emphasis on free legal sources.

Pat Brown gave an invited talk and sat on the panel “Third Wave Feminism and Method” during the 20th West Coast Method Institute Conference at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles.

Catherine O’Neill was invited to give two talks in New Orleans on the recently issued mercury regulation and environmental justice. She spoke before the Environmental Justice Seminar at Loyola School of Law, and at the 10th Annual Tulane Environmental Law Conference, “Environment 2005: Law, Science, and the Public Interest.”

Julie Shapiro spoke at “Contracts and Covenants: Religious and Legal Perspectives.” This was the initial program of Bashert: The LGBT Initiative of the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle.

Joaquin Avila was just appointed to the newly-commissioned Secretary of State’s Voting Systems Review Board. The purpose of this Review Board will be to assist in the development of standards that will ensure both the transparency and integrity of the electoral process here in Washington.

Maggie Chon gave a presentation titled “Social Justice Implications of Japanese American Internment and Reparations” at the seminar “Reparations to Aggrieved Groups: What Lessons Can We Learn from the Holocaust?” The seminar was sponsored by the Oregon Law Institute of the Lewis & Clark Law School and the Institute for Judaic Studies on Ethical Issues.

Annette Clark spoke at a symposium on end-of-life issues at Loyola University Chicago. Her presentation “The Right to Die: The Broken Road from Quinlan to Schiavo” will be published as an article under the same title in the Loyola law journal this fall.

Laurel Oates made a presentation at American University titled “Peeling the Onion: Factors that Affect Law School Success.”

Ron Slye will be a commentator at the conference “Justice in Translation: Prosecution and Amnesty in Germany and South Africa” held at Humboldt University in Berlin.

Tayyab Mahmud was invited by several student organizations to give a talk entitled “Social Justice and Legal Education: A Historical Overview.” His talk focused on the role of social justice in American legal education from the 19th century to the present.

Julie Heintz signed a contract with Carolina Academic Press for the publication of Washington Legal Research, part of a series of research books on how to conduct legal research in individual states. The book will be available in July.

Raven Lindman’s paper “Proyeccion Social en la Facultad de Derecho de La Universdad de Seattle de Los Estados Unidos” (Social Justice Outreach in the Seattle University Law School) was published in the Onati Institute’s Law and Society series volume entitled Proyeccion Social del Derecho y Clinicas Juridicas en las Universidades de America del Siglo XXI” (Social Justice Outreach by Law School Clinics in the Universities of the Americas in the 21st Century). The paper was selected from a 2003 conference focused on social justice outreach models used by various law schools in the western hemisphere.

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