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April 2006

Anne Enquist was re-elected to the national Board of Directors of the Legal Writing Institute. The Legal Writing Institute has more that 1,600 members from all the law schools in the country.

Tom Fischer's article "An American Looks at the European Union" will be published in the European Law Journal, Vol. 12, No. 2, March 2006.

Our recent symposium on antitrust and intellectual property, co-sponsored by the law review and the Federal Trade Commission, was a great success. Not only did it produce lively debates on contentious issues, it brought speakers from around the country to our school, including William Kovacic, Commissioner of the FTC, and Judge Barbara Rothstein, Director of the Federal Judicial Center. There were many who made it possible. Jack Kirkwood, Maggie Chon, and Greg Silverman helped organize the event and moderated three of the four panels. Jim Rosenfeld and Lori Lamb handled the CLE aspects of the program and Deidra Foster and Ben Shih of the law review took responsibility for the speakers dinner, the promotional brochure, and numerous other tasks. Thanks to you all.

Ron Slye was recently elected to the Board of Uplift International, a non-profit organization based in Seattle that works globally on issues of health and human rights. More information on the organization can be found at www.upliftinternational.org.

Dean Kellye Testy has been invited to contribute an article to an upcoming special issue on deaning for the Toledo Law Review’s annual symposium dedicated to that topic. She has also been invited to participate in a plenary 2007 AALS session on Socio-Economics and Social Justice.

Dana Gold was interviewed for an article, "Ethics Under Fire" that ran in the March 2006 issue of Washington CEO.

The article, "Evaluating Patron Privacy on Your ILS: How to Protect the Confidentiality of your Patron Information", was published in AALL Spectrum, April 2006 by Barbara Swatt Engstrom, Susan Kezele, Kara Phillips (Seattle University Law Library) and Jan Hartley (Seattle University Lemieux Library).

Ada Shen-Jaffe has been selected to participate in the 2006 Washington State Ethcis Conference, jointly sponsored by members of the Executive Ethics Board, Legislative Ethics, and Seattle Ethics and Election Commission. The conference will be June 15 in Olympia. The panel that she will be participating with is entitled, "Ethics and Cultural Competence - Can They Peacefully Coexist?".

Joan Tierney has been selected by the King County Bar Association as the Community Legal Services “Volunteer of the Month” for April. She is honored for her continued dedication to pro bono work with Volunteer Legal Services (VLS) and the Housing Justice Project (HJP).

Bryan Adamson presented a paper, “The H’aint in the (School) House: Brown v. Board of Education, Interest Convergence Re-contextualized, the Continued Struggle for Racial Justice,” which applied Derrick Bell’s interest convergence concept to current public school finance reform efforts, at the Western Law Professors of Color Conference in San Diego, as part of a panel on “Tracing the Influence of Derrick Bell’s Interest Convergence Theory on Scholarship of Scholars of Color.”

Marilyn Berger presented at a Symposium, The Impact of Film on Law, Lawyers, and the Legal System, on Friday, March 31. She presented on the panel "Law Professors Making Movies". Professor Berger presented- "The Power of Stories" and showed a preview of the documentary, Out of the Ashes: 9-11.

Margaret Chon presented a paper, Intellectual Property and the Development Divide, at a conference on the International Intellectual Property Regime Complex at Michigan State University College of Law on Saturday, April 8. An abstract and draft of the paper can be found online.

Jack Kirkwood spoke at the Spring Meeting of the Antitrust Section of the ABA in Washington, D.C. His panel discussion, attended by over 300 people, analyzed Volvo v. Reeder-Simco, the Supreme Court’s first Robinson-Patman Act case in fourteen years. Professor Kirkwood addressed whether the Court was correct that Volvo’s price discrimination probably enhanced rather than reduced competition.

Raven Lidman was a panelist at the University of Pennsylvania's 23rd Annual Edward V.Sparer Symposium on March 28. The entire topic of the symposium was Civil Gideon: Making the Case. Prof. Lidman's presentation was "Civil Gideon: It's a Human Right: International and Comparative Law Perspectives." On March 31she was on a panel at the ABA/NLADA Equal Justice Conference in Philadelphia. She spoke on the same topic, but focussed on the pro-bono assistance law students and private pro-bono attorneys have provided on the international and comparative law issues.

On March 27, 2006, Laurel Currie Oates made a presentation to the Marquette Law Faculty on legal reading. The title of her presentation was “Leveling the Classroom Floor: Teaching Students to Read, Analyze, and Synthesize Statutes and Cases.

David Skover was recently interviewed by the BBC-London for a one-hour program, tentatively titled “Lenny Bruce Is Dead,” that focuses on Bruce’s comedic and First Amendment legacies. The program is scheduled to be broadcast in early August in recognition of the 40th Anniversary of Bruce’s death.

Dean Kellye Testy has been selected by the President's office as an Honorary Inductee for Alpha Sigma Nu, the Jesuit Honors Society. More information on Alpha Sigma Nu can be found online.

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