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April 2008

Robert Boruchowitz spoke at a symposium at the state supreme court on the anniversary of Gideon v. Wainwright on April 11. He also did an interview for KING TV on the insanity defense that was broadcast a couple weeks ago.

Tina Ching has been appointed to a two year term on the Access to Electronic Legal Information and Citation Committee, a standing committee of the American Association of Law Libraries. This committee works with court and government agencies in improving access to authentic and official legal information to the public.

Kerry Fitz-Gerald recently published a short piece in the Spring 2008 WWL State Reporter called “This Blawg’s for You: Using the Right Law Blog.”

Jack Kirkwood's paper, "The Fundamental Goal of Antitrust Law: Protecting Consumers, Not Increasing Efficiency," recently made SSRN's top ten list in the Antitrust and Regulated Industries field. Written with Bob Lande, it has been downloaded 125 times. The paper was also featured in the latest issue of FTC: Watch, the Washington, D.C. newslatter that covers the Federal Trade Commission and antitrust enforcement. Under the headline, "What is the Meaning of Antitrust?," the newsletter published a 21-paragraph summary of the paper.

Professor Tayyab Mahmud made a presentation to the faculty of Villanova Law School on April 23, 2008, on “Laws, Limits and Exceptions: Lessons of the Constitutional Crisis in Pakistan.” On April 25, 2008, he presented “Colonial Designs and Limits of Constitutionalism: The Rule of Exception in Pakistan” at a plenary session of the joint conference of Conference of Asian Pacific American Law Faculty (CAPLAF) and Western Law Teachers of Color (WLTC) at University of Denver College of Law

Hank McGee spoke on gentrification in the U.S. Northwest cities at a conference May 2 and 3 at the University of California, Irvine, sponsored by the UCI sociological society.

Lisa Brodoff spoke at two CLEs in April. At a Q-Law CLE she talked about how Gay and Lesbian couples can plan for financing long term nursing home and in home care, and how the Medicaid program discriminates against GLBT couples. At SU's Planning for End of Life CLE, she talked about how lawyers can work with clients and their families on this planning through Living Wills, Medical Powers of Attorney, Disposition of Remains documents, and by advising them on the Medicare Hospice benefit.

Jack Kirkwood's article, The Robinson-Patman Act and Consumer Welfare: Has Volvo Reconciled Them?, was reviewed in Antitrust, the magazine of the Antitrust Section of the American Bar Association. The reviewer examined four articles on the Volvo case and concluded that Professor Kirkwood's was the most thorough and most accurate. It alone predicted how the lower courts would interpret the case. The reviewer also noted out that Professor Kirkwood authored the American Antitrust Institute's proposals for legislative reform of the Robinson-Patman Act, which the reviewer endorsed.

Hank McGee spoke wednesday April 16 at the Seattle Public Library's Truth-Douglass branch on the revitalization of Downtown Seattle, and its consequential impacts for neighorhoods that border central Seattle.

Ron Slye spoke at the Annual Meeting of the International Studies Association on “Confessions: The Rule of Law and the Rule of Truth.” He was a panelist at the conference, “Justice Delayed? The Impact of Time on the Trials of Gross Atrocities,” which was the annual Robert L. Bernstein International Human Rights Fellowship Symposium at the Yale Law School. He was also a roundtable participant on “Feminism v. Feminism: What is a Feminist Approach to Transnational Criminal Law,” as part of the annual meeting of the American Society of International Law.

Deirdre Bowen’s article The Imprisoned Parent: Differential Power in Same-sex Families Based on Cultural and Legal Understandings of Parentage has been accepted for publication at William and Mary’s Journal of Women and the Law.

Another article of Prof. Bowen, “Calling your Bluff: How Prosecutors and Defense Attorneys Adapt Pleas Bargaining Strategies to Increased Formalization” has been accepted by the peer-reviewed journal, Justice Quarterly, one of the top-ranked journals in Criminology and Criminal Justice.

Maggie Chon moderated a session on Exceptions for Preservation and Education Exceptions for Government, for the Cardozo Law School Conference on Developing International Norms for Limitations to Copyright (March 30-31, 2008).

Natasha Martin presented a faculty workshop at the University of Cincinnati College of Law. Natasha was invited to be a part of their 2007-2008 faculty workshop series by the Associate Dean of Faculty.

On March 11, 2008, Rafael Pardo spoke on a panel on "Transparency and the Selection of Judges" as part of a symposium entitled Tradeoffs of Candor: Does Transparency Erode Judicial Legitimacy?, which was held at the New York University School of Law. Professor Pardo was recently selected to present his work-in-progress, Anatomy of An Adversary Proceeding: An Empirical Study of Undue Hardship Discharge Litigation, in May 2008 at the Houston Higher Education Finance Roundtable, which is sponsored by the University of Houston Law Center's Institute for Higher Education Law and Governance. Professor Pardo has also been selected to present An Empirical Investigation into Appellate Structure and the Perceived Quality of Appellate Review at the Annual Meeting of the American Law and Economics Association, which is to be hosted by Columbia Law School in May 2008. The paper is co-authored with Professor Jonathan Nash and has been accepted for publication in Volume 61 of the Vanderbilt Law Review.

Prof. Mimi Samuel’s article “Focus on Batson: Let the Cameras Roll” has been selected to be the first recipient of the Bronson Dillehey Award by the American Society of Trial Consultants. She has also been invited to do a “magazine version” of the article for the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers’ publication. The article is slated for publication in Brooklyn Law Review, volume 74. It’s also available on SSRN at http://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=1104807.

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