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Compiled by: Junsen Ohno

February 2007

Madeline Kass had a short article entitled “Fishery Conservation and Management Act Reauthorization: “A” For Effort" accepted for publication in the spring 2007 issue of Natural Resources & Environment.

Madeline Kass was selected to serve as chair of the LGBT Law Association of Washington (QLaw) Grant Selection Subcommittee. The subcommittee is tasked with awarding Qlaw's first law student public interest summer internship grants.

Andrew M. Siegel’s writing on “Equal Protection Unmodified: Justice John Paul Stevens and the Case for Unmediated Constitutional Interpretation” has been published in the Fordham Law Review, November 2006, Vol. 74, p.2339.

John A. Strait will present “Ethics in Purchases and Sales” for the Law Seminars International, Real Estate Purchases & Sales Conference on March 6, 2007 at the Renaissance Seattle Hotel.

Robert Boruchowitz wrote an article entitled “Right to Counsel Remains Threatened in Washington” in the February 2007 issue of the Washington Bar Association’s Bar News.

Maggie Chon hosted a justice scholarship series event, featuring a book edited by Seattle University law student and School of Education professor Roberto A. Peña and two other School of Education professors. This event was held on February 11 at the Center for the Study of Justice in Society. The Center will be co-sponsoring an open house at the Wismer Center on February 21, to focus on diversity and social justice efforts on campus.

Maggie Chon will be giving two presentations in the frozen Midwest: the first at the Chicago Intellectual Property Colloquium on February 13 and the second at the University of Michigan Law School Intellectual Property Workshop on February 14. Both talks will be based on her forthcoming article, “Intellectual Property ‘from Below’: Copyright and Capability for Education,” which approaches international intellectual property from a social justice perspective.

Raven Lidman recently had an article published, “Civil Gideon as a Human Right: Is the U.S. Going to Join Step with the Rest of the Developed World,” in the Temple Political and Civil Rights law Review, 15 Temp. Pol. & Civ. Rts. L. Rev. 769 (2006).

Rafael Pardo has been selected to serve on AALS Creditors’ and Debtors’ Rights Section Board as its Newsletter Editor.

David Skover has signed a contract with Rowman & Littlefield to publish a book (coauthored with Ron Collins) entitled “Those Who Won Our Independence: The Story of Louis Brandeis’s Great Free-Speech Opinion.” The book will include a detailed account of the background story behind Whitney v. California, and will frame that account with the greater historical context for Brandeis’s First Amendment jurisprudence and with the significance of Whitney in the modern legacy of First Amendment censorship in wartime.

Kellye Testy published “Service: A Mission at Seattle University School of Law” in the King County Bar Bulletin.

Dana Gold was asked to support the Washington State Investment Board’s (WSIB) efforts to improve their governance practices by offering observations and recommendations based on her participation in their July 2006 annual board retreat. She presented her findings and suggestions to the WSIB at their public board meeting in Olympia, Washington in January 2007.

On January 12, 2007, the Washington State Supreme Court-established Access to Justice Board approved official Standing Committee status for a new ATJ Law School Relations Committee. This newest of 15 working committees of the statewide ATJ Board started as a work group led by leaders and representatives from all three Washington State Law Schools and from the Alliance for Equal Justice. Dean Kellye Testy, 2L Law Student Sabrina Andrus and Public Interest Practitioner in Residence Ada Shen-Jaffe have most recently been representing the Seattle University School of Law on the Committee.

Jack Kirkwood has been invited to write papers for two symposium volumes. The first, to be edited by Bob Pitofsky of Georgetown and published by the Oxford University Press, will examine the influence of conservative economics on U.S. antitrust policy. Professor Kirkwood will write a paper on the non-efficiency goals of antitrust with Bob Lande of Baltimore, the author of the most-cited article on the issue. Among the other contributors are Herb Hovenkamp of Iowa, Dick Schmalensee of MIT, Harvey Goldschmid of Columbia, Eleanor Fox of NYU, and Steve Salop of Georgetown. The second symposium volume, to be published by The Antitrust Bulletin, will contain papers from this year’s American Antitrust Institute conference on buyer power. Professor Kirkwood will analyze the Supreme Court’s decision (expected soon) in Weyerhaeuser.

Henry McGee received a Certificate of Appreciation from the Ethiopian Anti-Polio Committee for his work in Ethiopia in 2005. Professor McGee helped dispense medicine outside Addis Ababa to prevent the spread of the disease.

Rafael Pardo presented "An Empirical Investigation into Appellate Structure and the Perceived Quality of Appellate Review" (co-authored with Jonathan Nash) at the Re-envisioning Law Colloquium held at the University of Houston Law Center on January 26.

Mimi Samuel has been appointed to the Legal Writing Institute's newly-created Committee on Global Legal Writing Programs. In addition, she will serve on the Online Resources Subcommittee, which will create a bank of resources for faculty teaching international LLM students.

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