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Compiled by: Moriah Blake

January 2008

Kristin Cheney’s article, “Marketing Law Libraries: Strategies and Techniques in the Digital Age,” was published in the Legal Reference Services Quarterly, Vol. 27, No. 1/2 2007. The article also appears as a chapter in Public Services in Law Libraries: Evolution and Innovation in the 21st Century published by the Haworth Press, Winter 2007/2008.

Jack Kirkwood has been named Chair of the Buyer Power Committee of the American Antitrust Institute. This committee, which includes Roger Noll of Stanford, Peter Carstensen of Wisconsin, and Warren Grimes of Southwestern, is drafting the chapter on buyer power for the transition report on antitrust enforcement that AAI is preparing for the next administration. The report, entitled "The New Antitrust Agenda," will be unveiled at the AAI conference in Washington, D.C. in June, at which Professor Kirkwood will speak.

Cliff Villa is the 2008 recipient of the Modelo de Excelencia award from the Latina/o Bar Association of Washington. The annual award recognizes an attorney or judge that has a solid reputation for professionalism among the Washington State Bar, the Latino Bar, and within the community. Award recipients must hold a record of excellence within their area of practice; demonstrate leadership on issues that affect the Latino community; and serve as an example to younger lawyers or future lawyers through teaching or mentoring. In addition to teaching at Seattle U. School of Law, Prof. Villa has mentored high school and college students from diverse communities and encouraged their consideration of careers in the law and environmental protection. Prof. Villa also has 15 years of legal practice with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, serving in Washington, D.C., Denver, CO, and Seattle, WA.

Professors Marilyn Berger, John Mitchell, Paula Lustbader, Lisa Brodoff, Bryan Adamson, and Anne Enquist made a presentation at the AALS National Meeting in New York City on “The Critical Role of Play in Legal Scholarship and Teaching.”

Edwin Abuya published two articles in 2007: “Reinforcing Refugee Protection in the Wake of the War on Terror”, in the Boston College International and Comparative Law Review, and “Past Reflections, Future Insights: African Asylum Law and Policy in Historical Perspective” in the International Journal of Refugee Law.

Natasha Martin was invited to moderate a panel titled E-racing the Color Line in Sports at the AALS Annual Meeting in New York. The panel included a broad array of scholars offering various perspectives including employment discrimination, legal history, and gender and justice. The papers from the panel will be published in the Virginia Sports & Entertainment Law Journal. Professor Martin will also serve on this year’s Executive Committee of the AALS Section on Employment Discrimination Law.

Dean Testy has been appointed to the AALS Planning Committee for the June 2009 Mid-Year Meeting Conference on “Business Associations: Taking Stock of the Field and Corporate Social Accountability.”

Bob Boruchowtiz had an op-ed in today’s PI, “Lawyers for juveniles not automatic.”, and has also been re-appointed to the Washington Minority and Justice Commission. On December 14, 2008, he spoke at the Washington Defender Association CLE on How Defenders With Too Many Cases Can Raise Ethical Issues with Their Supervisors.

Deirdre Bowen was the focus of a front page article in Broadway & Madison's December 10th, 2007 issue. The article discusses the creation of a Zen Mediation Program at the Washington Corrections Center for Women. Through the two criminal justice courses that Bowen taught former student, Shawn Kaminsky, he was inspired to and developed a proposal to create the mediation program at the prison. Bowen provided the idea for the project in her Criminal Justice Organizations course discussing the work of Kiran Bedi, and then Shawn used this inspiration to create a project proposal that could bring institutional change, as required in Bowen's Criminal Justice Senior Synthesis class.

Tina Ching and Kerry Fitz-Gerald spoke at a full-day continuing education seminar sponsored by the National Business Institute. “Find it Free and Fast on the Net: Strategies for Legal Research on the Web” was held in Tacoma on December 13th and in Seattle on December 14th. At the Tacoma seminar, Ms. Ching discussed the deep web and guided the attendees through ways to locate deep web sources and old web pages. In Seattle, Ms. Fitz-Gerald showed the attendees how to locate free legal research sites, utilize online government resources, and find practice tools.

Maggie Chon just published an article entitled Slouching Towards Development in International Intellectual Property in the winter 2007 issue of the Michigan State Law Review. Her co-authors are Professor Denis Borges Barbosa of the Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro and Professor Andrés Moncayo von Hase of the University of Buenos Aires.

Thom Fisher, Chairman of the Bainbridge Island Planning Commission, together with the Chairman of the City Council, recently hosted foreign visitors from Turkey, Lebanon, and Burma, as part of the World Affairs Council’s international visitors program. The visitors wanted to learn how local citizenry participates in, and has an impact on, decision-making in small municipal governments. Bainbridge was a population of about twenty-two thousand.

Tayyab Mahmud participated in an hour-long program about Pakistan on KPFK –Pacifica Public Radio on January 10, 2008.

Hank McGee was a guest on the KKNW (AM ll50) "Eddie Rye and George Valery Talk Show January 8., responding to questions and commenting on subjects as wide-ranging as sub-prime mortgages and elder African Americans, as well as the Seattle Port Authority Justice Department investigation.

Catherine O'Neill gave a presentation entitled "New Jersey v. EPA: Mercury Regulation in the Bush Administration" on November 30. Her talk was delivered at the Environmental Law Roundup CLE, held here at Seattle University School of Law. Professor Hank McGee and Professor Cliff Villa also spoke at the event.

Mimi Samuel and Professor Jana McCreary, from the University of Memphis, conducted a 5-day seminar on Clear and Effective Legal Writing at the International Law Institute's African Centre for Legal Excellence in Kampala, Uganda during the first week of December. The seminar was attended by attorneys in private practice and from government agencies in Tanzania, Uganda, Nigeria, Rwanda, and Malawi.

Katija Hakim, senior legal secretary in the clinic, went with Professor Bryan Adamson and two Predatory Lending Clinic students to New Orleans to do some work with legal services there on issues related to Katrina. Katija set up a blog that she and the students have been posting to. Check it out at http://predlendinginnola.blogspot.com.

Kathleen Koch was nominated to participate in negotiated rulemaking to prepare proposed regulations for the student financial aid programs authorized by Title IV of the Higher Education Act of 1965, as amended. She will participate in this process as an alternate negotiator for the student loan programs representing four-year private institutions. The negotiations will take place under the direction of the Office of Postsecondary Education in Washington DC over the next three months. Of key interest are the regulations related to the new federal loan repayment assistance program for public interest work and the new income based repayment plan. Kathleen was also was asked to participate again in the Washington Financial Aid Association Nominations Committee. She was a member of this committee previously in 2005.

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