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November 2007

Janet Ainsworth’s article Re-imagining Childhood and Reconstructing the Legal Order: The Case for Abolishing the Juvenile Court is being excerpted in Ellen Marrus and Irene Merker Rosenberg, Children and Juvenile Justice (2007). This is the fourth volume that has excerpted or anthologized that article.

Lisa Brodoff made a presentation to the Thurston County Chapter of the Washington State Trial Lawyers Association on Medicare, Medicaid, and Special Needs Trusts on November 14. She discussed the impact of personal injury awards on clients who receive needs based health care benefits and described how Special Needs Trusts can be used to both preserve Medicaid benefits and enhance clients’ lives.

Maggie Chon was invited to the second meeting of the Internet Governance Forum (IGF), held in Rio de Janeiro. The purpose of the IGF is to support the United Nations Secretary-General in carrying out the mandate from the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) with regard to convening a new forum for multi-stakeholder policy dialogue. Maggie participated in the launching of a new dynamic coalition on digital education (DCDE), which will share information and set out a coordinated strategy to advocate for a more flexible copyright regime at various international forums.

Hank McGee was sworn in fifty years ago as a lawyer in Illinois on November 21, 1957; and in 1975 in California.

Bob Boruchowitz moderated a panel on November 9th, 2007 on Caseload Reform, Practical Next Steps, at the annual conference of the National Legal Aid and Defender Association in Tucson, Arizona. Professor Boruchowitz also submitted a paper for the session on Addressing Excessive Defender Caseloads.

Lisa Brodoff was part of a panel of presenters on GLBT Family Law issues put on jointly by the University of Washington and Seattle University Outlaws student groups. She spoke about estate planning for same sex couples, including planning for incapacity and death. Professor Brodoff also discussed the impact on the new Washington State Domestic Partner Registry law on this type of planning.

Maggie Chon’s book chapter Substantive Equality in International Intellectual Property Norm-Setting and Interpretation was just published in a book entitled Intellectual Property, Trade and Development: Strategies to Optimize Economic Development in a TRIPS Plus Era (Daniel Gervais, ed., 2007, Oxford University Press).

Tayyab Mahmud, Ron Slye, and Russell Powell participated in the “What is going on in Pakistan?” panel discussion on November 13, 2007 at the Seattle University School of Law.

Natasha Martin participated in a symposium sponsored by the Connecticut Law Review - Unconscious Discrimination Twenty Years Later: Application and Evolution - recognizing the 20th anniversary of Professor Charles Lawrence’s groundbreaking work The Id, the Ego and Equal Protection – Reckoning with Unconscious Racism. The event began with a retrospective by Lawrence followed by various panels engaging the application and evolution of the theory. Natasha was invited to contribute with regard to the role unconscious bias plays in the employment context.

Hank McGee was appointed by Doug Sutherland, Washington State Public Lands Commissioner, to the Washington State Department of Natural Resources Public Lands Forest Fire Prevention and Protection Work Group. Professor McGee's role will be, in part, to assess the impact of Wild Fires on fauna and flora.

John Mitchell’s book, Understanding Assisted Suicide: Nine Issues to Consider (U. Michigan Press, 2007), has just come out in print. Also, on Monday, 11/12/07, Professor Mitchell and Dr. Timothy Quill discussed end-of-life issues on "Patient Power", hosted by Andrew Schorr on HealthRadio.net

Kara Phillips, Collection Development Librarian/Associate Director, recently published an article entitled “Licensing in an Electronic World: A Word of Advice” in the September 2007 issue of Against the Grain.

Gwynne Skinner was one of the lawyers who fought the constitutionality of Initiative 747, a Tim Eyman property-tax limit, State Supreme Court ruled unconstitutional last week. Voters approved the measure in 2001 to cap property tax increases at 1 percent a year, but the justices said voters could have been misled by the effect of the initiative.

Deirdre Bowen has been invited to present her paper, "The 'Imprisoned' Parent: the Impact of Law and Society on Same-Sex Family Formation" at the Family Values: Law and Public Policy session at the Pacific Sociological Association Annual Meetings in April, 2008 in Portland, OR. Professor Bowen has also been invited to present her paper, "You're Not a Real Mother: the Effect and Intersection of Law and Society on Intact Lesbian Families" at the Gender, Family Formation, and Legal Change Conference at Sussex Law School at Sussex University in Brighton, England in July, 2008.

Thom Fischer’s Sum & Substance Lectures on Conflict of Laws (4th edition) has just released a new version of on compact disc by Thomson-West.

Hank McGee's published the lead article in the current issue of the Seattle University Law Review, entitled, "Washington's Way: Decentralized Enforcement of Growth Management Controls and the Crucial Role of NGOs."

Catherine O’Neill is a guest columnist in today’s Seattle Post-Intelligencer. Her piece headlined “Tuna, with a Side of Mercury” is well worth a read.

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