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November/December 2010

Bryan Adamson, Associate Professor

  • "Ricci v. DeStefano: Procedural Activism(?)" will be published in the Spring 2011 issue of UCLA's National Black Law Journal.
  • "The Status of Clinical Faculty in the Legal Academy: The Case for Unitary Tenure" (co-written with Calvin Pang, Bradford Colbert, Kathy Hessler, Katherine Kruse, Robert Kuehn, Mary Helen McNeal, and David Santacroce) will be published by the Journal of Legal Education.
  • A third article, "The Muslim Manchurian Candidate: Barack Obama, Rumors, and Quotidian Hermeneutics," will appear in the St. John's Journal of Civil Rights and Economic Development.
  • Professor Adamson presented excerpts from his sabbatical project, "Black on Black Crimes(?): An Examination of Intra-Racial and Intra-Gender Discrimination in the Mortgage Foreclosure Crisis," at the XV Annual LatCrit Conference.
  • Professor Adamson was appointed to serve on the Planning Committee for the AALS Section on Clinical Legal Education's 2011 Conference to be held in Seattle next June. He, along with other constitutional and civil procedure scholars, served as an advisor on an Amicus Brief filed in Perry v. Schwarzenegger, currently on appeal to the 9th Circuit.

Bob Boruchowitz, Professor from Practice

  • Professor Boruchowitz co-authored an op-ed in the Tacoma News Tribune on the proposed bail amendment HR 4220. Also, he was quoted in an Associated Press article, appearing in both the Seattle Times and the Tacoma News Tribune, regarding this proposed bail amendment, as well as interviewed for a King 5 TV Up-Front segment on the amendment. 
  • He spoke on a panel, Understanding and Using the ABA's Eight Guidelines on Excessive Workloads, at the annual conference of the National Legal Aid and Defender Association in Atlanta.
  • He was a guest speaker in the UW Law School Access to Justice Class, discussing public defense issues.
  • Additionally, he was a participant at the Juvenile Defender Leadership Summit hosted by TeamChild, where he co-facilitated a session on defender standards.
  • Professor Boruchowitz's issue brief "Diverting and Reclassifying Misdemeanors Could Save $1 Billion Per Year: Reducing the Need For and Cost of Appointed Counsel" was published by the American Constitution Society.   

Deirdre Bowen, Associate Professor of Lawyering Skills

  • "Grutter's Regrets: An Empirical Investigation of How Affirmative Action Is(n't) Working" made the SSRN top ten download list for Discrimination, Law & Justice.
  • Her research on same sex families, as written about in her article "The Parent Trap: Differential Power in Same Sex Families," was noted in an article in the Boston Globe.  

Lisa Brodoff, Director, Ronald A. Peterson Law Clinic and Associate Professor

  • Professor Brodoff chaired the agenda committee and presented a session on clinic and externship courses at the Northwest Clinical Conference in Leavenworth. The sold out conference was hosted by Seattle University. Dean Mark Niles attended the opening session and welcomed the attendees, as did the WSBA president-elect Steven Crossland.
  • Professor Brodoff also spoke at the annual Elder Law Conference on Mental Health Advance Directives and their use for planning for Alzheimer's Disease. 
  • In October she made presentations to headquarters employees at REI and to SU's Staff Council on estate planning, planning for long term care, and planning for incapacity.
  • She moderated a panel on Transgender Healthcare challenges for the TransLaw Symposium. 
  • Her previously published article "Lifting  Burdens: Proof, Social Justice, and Public Assistance Administrative  Hearings" was selected as the lead article for the Fall 2010 volume of the Journal of the National Association of Administrative Law Judiciary, published by Pepperdine University School of Law.

Maggie Chon, Associate Dean for Research and Donald and Lynda Horowitz Professor for the Pursuit of Justice

  • Professor Chon presented a draft paper, "Sticky Knowledge in Copyright," at a faculty colloquium at Emory Law School.
  • She also gave a talk on the topic of overlapping legal regimes and global governance of intellectual property at the International Law Weekend held at Fordham Law School on the panel "15 Years of TRIPS."  

Richard Delgado, University Professor, and Jean Stefancic, Research Professor

  • Professors Delgado and Stefancic delivered a keynote address at a Race & Pedagogy conference at University of Puget Sound. The conference, which takes place every five years, features a national audience of educators and scholars. The other keynote speakers this year were singer and activist Harry Belafonte and Harvard law professor Lani Guinier. Professors Delgado and Stefancic spoke on the problem of recognizing critical moments in society and in teaching.
  • In Denver, Professors Delgado and Stefancic delivered a panel talk on neocolonial shifts in California's politics and social structure.
  • A second edition of the critically acclaimed book, "The Latino/a Condition: A Critical Reader," edited by Professors Richard Delgado and Jean Stefancic, was published. 

Eric Eberhard, Distinguished Indian Law Practitioner in Residence

  • He presented the final report on the proceedings from the Symposium on Indian Land Acquisition 2010: A Call to Action to the Indian Law Section of the Federal Bar Association in Washington, DC.  Professor Fletcher of the Indigenous Law Program at the Michigan State University College of Law described the report as "easily the finest set of documents relating to the last 30 years of the law and politics of Interior trust acquisitions."

Thom Fischer, Senior Faculty Fellow with the Center for Global Justice

  • Professor Fischer was invited to review Robert Schutze's new book, "From Dual to Cooperative Federalism: The Changing Structure of European Law," for the spring issue of Kluwer's European Public Law. 

Lily Kahng, Associate Dean for Faculty Development and Associate Professor, and Mary Lou Fellows, Visiting Professor

  • Professors Kahng and Fellows have been invited to make a presentation at the AALS Workshop on Women Rethinking Equality, to be held in June 2011. Their presentation proposal, selected from over 200 submissions, is titled "Gender, Race, Wealth, and Tax." 

Jack Kirkwood, Associate Dean for Faculty Development and Associate Professor

  • Professor Kirkwood analyzed the new Horizontal Merger Guidelines, issued by the U.S. Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission in August, at the 27th Annual Antitrust and Consumer Protection Seminar sponsored by the Washington State Bar Association.

Tayyab Mahmud, Professor and Director of the Center for Global Justice

  • "Is it Greek or Déjà Vu All Over Again?: Neoliberalism, and Winners and Losers of International Debt Crises" has been accepted for publication by Loyola University Chicago Law Journal.

Catherine O'Neill, Professor

  • Professor O'Neill was an invited participant in a workshop held in Seattle, sponsored by the Yakama Nation Fisheries Resource Management Program, on Columbia River Restoration. 

Norm Printer, Associate Professor of Lawyering Skills, and Connie Krontz, Associate Professor of Lawyering Skills

  • Professors Printer and Krontz have been named assistant editors for Legal Writing: The Journal of the Legal Writing Institute, a peer-reviewed and edited journal.

Chris Rideout, Professor of Lawyering Skills and Associate Director of the Legal Writing Program

  • Professor Rideout presented a paper, "Truth, Probability, and Narrative Coherence," at a conference on How Legal Rhetoric Shapes the Law held at American University Law School. 

Denis Stearns, Adjunct Professor

  • Professor Stearns gave a half-day, multimedia presentation, "Facing the True Costs of Foodborne Illness: An Introduction to Food Product Law from a Multidisciplinary Perspective," for the Medical Products & the Law course at the USC School of Pharmacy's Regulatory Science masters program. He is also preparing a publishable version of this material.
  • He was a visiting professor for a three-day, one-credit course in the Agricultural and Food Law LL.M. program at the University of Arkansas School of Law. The course, "Unsafe Food & Product Liability," was co-taught with his law-partner William Marler. This LL.M. program is the first in the U.S. to have a focus on food and agriculture law.

Jean Stefancic, Research Professor 

  • Professor Stefancic submitted an invited essay on critical race theory to the Encyclopedia of Political Thought. 

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