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October 2005

Marilyn Berger spoke at a faculty scholarship symposium at Indiana University Law School on October 29 about the documentary in progress, Out of Ashes: 9-11.

Annette Clark was interviewed by Robert Mak of King 5 TV on Initiative 330, the medical malpractice/tort reform initiative. The segment aired on October 20 on the afternoon and evening local news and as part of Robert Mak’s “Up Front” program on Sunday morning, October 23.

Lisa Brodoff spoke at a CLE sponsored by the King County Bar Association on October 26 on End in Life Decision Making. She talked about practical considerations in advising clients and drafting legal documents on their desires for end of life care.

Madeline Kass, Visiting Professor, co-edited the fall 2005 issue of Natural Resources & Environment, with Professor Arnold Lum of University of Hawaii, a publication of the ABA. She also co-wrote Vantage Point, the issue editor’s introduction to the publication. The fall 2005 issue is devoted to articles on sensitive resources.

Catherine O’Neill will speak at the Eighth International Conference on Mercury as a Global Pollutant, to be held in August, 2006, in Madison, Wisconsin. Professor O’Neill is the co-organizer, along with John Persell of the Minnesota Chippewa Tribe, of a panel entitled “Mercury Contamination and Native Peoples: Cultural, Social, Ecological and Human Health. Their panel proposal was selected through a competitive process to receive an invitation to present at the conference.

Welcome new staff members! Katherine Hedland Hansen joins Seattle University School of Law staff as the Director of Communications and Paula Nagel has joined the staff as Assistant Director in the Financial Aid Department.

Jan Ainsworth, Susan McClellan, Amy Sinden and Julie Shapiro attended the Cascadian Feminist Gathering at the University of Victoria, October 21 and 22. The focus of the meeting was feminism in the classroom.

Seattle University School of Law Library presented at a session entitled Evaluating Patron Privacy on Innovative Interfaces at the 11th Annual Northwest Innovative Users Group Conference on October 21. Kara Phillips served as the Moderator; Barbara Swatt Engstrom and Susan Kezele both presented. The presentation was well received with a great deal of participation from the audience. Also in attendance from the Law Library were Kent Milunovich, Charlotte Parsons and Michael Zubitis.

Kristin Cheney presented “Moving, Remodeling, Building: The Experts Speak” at the WestPac 37th Annual Meeting held at the University of Washington School of Law on October 14.

Maggie Chon gave a talk at the University of Washington on October 5. She spoke on a panel on University Intellectual Property and Global Access to Health Care, sponsored by Universities Allied for Essential Medicines at the University of Washington.

Kerry Fitz-Gerald and Stephanie Wilson presented “Repackaging Traditional Exhibits = Great Outreach Effort” at the WestPac 37th Annual Meeting held at the University of Washington School of Law on October 14.

Laurel Oates’ piece, “Leveling the Playing Field: Helping students succeed by helping them learn to read as expert lawyers read” has officially been accepted for publication by the St. John’s Law Review. This follows her recent participation in the conference covering the LSAT, U.S. News and Minority Admissions.

Julie Shapiro will present her forthcoming work “Reflections on Complicity” to the faculty at Santa Clara Law School on October 28. On October 29, she is appearing on a panel with Jodi O’Brien from Seattle University Sociology Department entitled “Permissible Prejudice”. The panel is at Out There, the first national conference of scholars and student affairs personnel involved with LGBTQ issues at Catholic Universities. The conference is at Santa Clara.

Bryan Adamson presented his paper on Brown v. Board of Education at the Midwest Clinical Conference in Topeka, Kansas on October 8th. His paper, The H’aint in the Schoolhouse, examines intervening factors which adversely impacted the Brown decision. Bryan will also be a part of an upcoming Site Evaluation team for the ABA.

Maggie Chon has just received reprints of an article: Walking While Muslim, published in 68 Law and Contemporary Problems 215 (Spring 2005), and co-authored with Donna E. Arzt. Please contact Maggie if you would like a copy of the article.

Carmen Gonzalez’ article entitled “Markets, Monocultures, and Malnutrition: Agricultural Trade Policy through an Environmental Justice Lens” has been accepted for publication in a symposium on Trade and Foreign Investment in the Americas to be published by the Michigan State Journal of International Law.

Natasha Martin presented a work-in-progress entitled, “Calling All the Beautiful Ones: Corporate Branding, Corporate Culture and Notions of Acceptability in the American Workplace” at the 10th annual LatCrit conference.

Catherine O’Neill delivered a presentation entitled “Mercury Regulation and Environmental Justice: Issues for Human Health, Environmental Quality, and Tribal Rights” at the University of Washington on October 13. The presentation was co-sponsored by the Dept. of Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences, the Center for Ecogenetics and Environmental Health, the Center for Child Environmental Health Risks Research, and GreenLaw. Following the presentation, she spoke to an interdisciplinary seminar of graduate students whose work focuses on environmental justice.

Russ Powell and Ron Slye organized and spoke at a panel held at Seattle University on October 12 focusing on the Iraqi Draft Constitution. Professor Slye spoke about the human rights implications of the document, and Professor Powell discussed the proposed structure of the federal government and problems of minority exclusion. The event was sponsored by the International Law Society and the Center for Human Rights and Justice. It drew approximately 80 people from throughout the university.

Dean Kellye Testy was recently featured in the article, “Getting Testy” in the October/November 2005 issue of Washington Law & Politics. Dean Testy has also been invited to join the Equal Justice Coalition Advisory Council, a small diverse representative group of community opinion leaders who individually and collectively advise the EJC on various aspects of its work such as development or implementation of legislative strategies as well as contacting peers, including public officials about civil equal justice issues.

Carol Cochran was recently a panelist for the Western Association of PreLaw Advisors Annual Conference. The panel discussed Jesuit Law Schools.

Marilyn Berger has been invited to speak on a panel entitled: Law Professors Making Movies and Law, Lawyers and the Legal System at the Film, Law, Lawyers and Legal Institutions Symposium at the University of Maryland School of Law, March 31.

Shelly Frankel completed the second of two presentations on charitable giving for the Washington Law Institute on Friday, September 30. It was entitled “Advanced Charitable Giving”. The first, Basic Charitable Giving, was presented on September 9. Also, on September 28, he participated in a program for CPAs and IRS personnel. The topic was Partnership Loss Limitation Rules.

Carmen Gonzalez presented a paper during one of the opening plenaries of the tenth annual Latcrit conference in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The theme of the conference was critical approaches to economic injustice. The title of her presentation was “An Environmental Justice Critique of the Theory of Comparative Advantage.”

Jack Kirkwood will speak at two upcoming antitrust conferences. On December 2, he’ll discuss the rules governing dominant firms at the annual conference of the Antitrust and Consumer Protection Committee of the Washington State Bar Association. On March 29, he will
analyze the Robinson-Patman case currently before the Supreme Court at the Spring Meeting of the Antitrust Section of the ABA.

John Mitchell’s "Of Driver’s Licenses and Debtor’s Prison" (co-authored with Kelly Kunsch) will be published in the fall edition of the Seattle Journal for Social Justice. "My Father, John Locke, And Assisted-Suicide: The Real Constitutional Right" will appear in Volume 3 of the Indiana Health Law Review in the spring.

Jim Rosenfeld will be speaking at the First National Symposium on IEP Facilitation at the Consortium for Appropriate Dispute Resolution in Special Education on October 29 in Eugene, Oregon. His presentation will suggest how alternative conflict resolution procedures might be used to address issues that frequently arise in and derail traditional special education dispute resolution procedures.

Joan Tierney has been re-appointed as co-chair of the KCBA Community Legal Services Committee and as VP of Events for Washington Women Lawyers, her co-VP is SU Law alum, Tracy Sarich.

Margaret Chon will present a seminar on Reparations in the Justice Faculty Fellows Program, sponsored by the Seattle University Center for the Study of Justice in Society. This fall, the program will critically examine some of the emerging literature and discuss whether and how it might help to move scholarly efforts in the area of reparations.

Christian Halliburton will be presenting a paper on race and the legal profession at the 10th Annual Latina/Latino Critical Theory Conference in San Juan, Puerto Rico in October.

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