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Compiled by: Moriah Blake

September 2007

Dean Kellye Testy received the 2007 President’s Award from the Washington State Bar Association. The award is given annually in recognition of special accomplishment or service to the WSBA. She was recognized at the WSBA awards dinner September 20. “Dean Kellye Testy is a leader with a vision and an absolute conviction – that a world in which justice is available to all can be a reality,” WSBA President Ellen Condera Dial said. “She inspires us with her strong commitment to social justice and her abundant generosity of spirit.” Dean Testy, along with Dial, also will receive the President’s Award from Washington Women Lawyers on September 28.

Professors Bryan Adamson, Lori Bannai, Christian Halliburton, and Russell Powell will present at Monday’s Faculty Research Presentation, “What Do They Do When They Are Not Teaching?”, in the first of a series of events designed to inform students and other members of the SU School of Law community about professional engagements of the faculty outside the classroom. The presentation will take place from 12-12:50 p.m. in Room C5

Rafael Pardo presented his empirical research on the discharge of student loans in bankruptcy at the Federal Judicial Center’s Workshop for Bankruptcy Judges II, which was held in Austin, Texas from September 17-19, 2007. As part of his presentation, Professor Pardo discussed his recent work in this area: Illness and Inability to Repay: The Role of Debtor Health in the Discharge of Educational Debt, which has been accepted for publication in Volume 35 of the Florida State University Law Review; and Anatomy of An Adversary Proceeding: A Case Study of Undue Hardship Discharge Litigation, a work in progress that has been selected for presentation at the Annual Meeting of the Midwestern Law & Economics Association, which is to be hosted by the University of Minnesota Law School on October 12 and 13, 2007. Professor Pardo has also had his essay, Eliminating the Judicial Function in Consumer Bankruptcy, accepted for publication in Volume 81 of the American Bankruptcy Law Journal, which is a peer-reviewed journal edited and published by the National Conference of Bankruptcy Judges. On September 24, 2007, he was quoted in the National Law Journal on an article about mandatory class attendance.

Janet Ainsworth participated in the roundtable at Texas Tech Law School on “Citizen Ignorance, Police Deception, and the Constitution.” She presented her paper “Sociolinguistic and Pragmatic Issues in the Application of Police Interrogation Rules” at the Symposium about Language and Society held at the University of Texas. The paper has been accepted for publication by the Texas Linguistic Forum. She was the keynote speaker at the International Association of Forensic Linguists biennual meeting, delivering a paper entitled “Linguistic Ignorance and Linguistic Ideology in the Law: The Future of Forensic Linguistics.” At the conclusion of the meeting, she was elected secretary of the organization. At the annual meeting of the International Society for Family Law, she delivered a paper entitled “Beyond Status and Contract: Relational Estoppel as a Source of Rights and Obligations in Intimate Relationships.” She delivered a version of that paper later this summer at the annual meeting of the Law and Society Association in Berlin, and also served as a chair and discussant at the panel “Children Encountering Justice: Interrogation, Confessions, and Criminalization” and as substitute chair and discussant at the panel “Language and the Rule of Law.”

Anne Enquist has accepted St. John’s Law Review’s invitation to publish her article “Unlocking the Secrets of Highly Successful Legal Writing Students” in Volume 82 of that Review, scheduled for release in March 2008. The draft form of the article has been downloaded from SSRN 439 times and has made Professor Enquist Seattle University’s most downloaded author on SSRN.

Catherine O’Neill served as a pro bono consultant to the attorneys for the National Congress of American Indians and other tribes, petitioners in New Jersey v. EPA, the case before the D.C. Circuit challenging the EPA’s “Clean Air Mercury Rule.” In this capacity, she assisted the attorneys for the tribes in crafting the opening and reply briefs; oral argument in the case has not yet been set. Professor O’Neill’s article, Protecting the Tribal Harvest: The Right to Catch and Consume Fish, was just published by the University of Oregon at 22 Journal of Environmental Law and Litigation 131 (2007). Professor O’Neill was asked by Eileen Gauna and Clifford Rechtschaffen to join them as co-authors on the second edition of the casebook, Environmental Justice: Law, Policy & Regulation. The second edition is scheduled for publication in 2008.

Mimi Samuel and Janet Dickson are the U.S. co-president and treasurer of APPEAL - Academics Promoting the Pedagogy of Effective Advocacy in Law, a new organization that grew out of the Conference on the Pedagogy of Legal Writing for Academics in Africa held in Nairobi, Kenya last March. APPEAL is dedicated to continuing the exchange of information, ideas, and resources relating to the teaching of legal writing and advocacy among academics in the U.S. and academics in Africa.

Reference Librarian Stephanie Wilson co-presented a workshop about LGBT research at the National Lesbian and Gay Law Foundation Lavender Law Conference in Chicago. The workshop, entitled Law Librarians Speak Out: Conducting LGBT Specific Legal Research, described subject specific publications, blawgs, and social science research.

Hank McGee was named Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels' representative on the Board of the Municipal Development Authority, which funded the expansion of the Seattle Art Museum and its new sculpture park.

Rafael Pardo’s paper, An Empirical Investigation into Appellate Structure and the Perceived Quality of Appellate Review (co-authored with Jonathan Nash), has been selected for presentation at the poster session of the Second Annual Conference of Empirical Legal Studies, to be held at New York University School of Law in November 2007.

Dean Testy will be honored at the upcoming Washington Women Lawyers annual dinner (Sept. 28) as a co-recipient of the President’s Award (along with Ellen Dial, WSBA president). She has also been invited to serve as the keynote speaker at two upcoming community events, the Powerful Voices annual luncheon, and the WSBA’s Senior Bar Association annual meeting and CLE.

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